View Full Version : S60R owners with body kits - do you drive your car in winter in snow belt states/provinces?

10-20-2008, 01:10 PM
S60R owners with body kits - do you drive your car in winter in snow belt states/provinces?<p>I like the R body kit but since the front spoiler and side skirts are fairly low I'm afraid it can get damaged when driving in heavy snow conditions.<p>Can anyone here with S60R body kits and drive in winter comment on this?<p>Thanks

10-20-2008, 01:18 PM
im about to for the first year....<p>Ive heard they act like a bit of a snowplow. im going to make friends drive an only take the car out when its cleared

10-20-2008, 01:20 PM
The front winglets can cause problems regardless of the weather. I would just leave it parked and be safe. <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.vwvortex.com/vwbb/sly.gif" BORDER="0"> <p>Then again, Phuz hasn't had any issues:<p><A HREF="http://forums.swedespeed.com/zerothread?id=73876" TARGET="_blank">http://forums.swedespeed.com/zerothread?id=73876</A>

bb vign
10-20-2008, 01:24 PM
<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD><i>Quote, originally posted by <b>MagoonR</b> &raquo;</i></TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">Then again, Phuz hasn't had any issues</TD></TR></TABLE><p>+1! Never had any issues with my old R:<p><IMG SRC="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v318/lakid042/WinterR002Medium.jpg" BORDER="0"><p><IMG SRC="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v318/lakid042/WinterR007Medium.jpg" BORDER="0"><p><IMG SRC="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v318/lakid042/WinterR004Medium.jpg" BORDER="0"><p>

10-20-2008, 01:29 PM
I'll be taking my winglets off this winter. I hit some ice and it tore the passenger side winglet off last year. <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.vwvortex.com/vwbb/frown.gif" BORDER="0">

10-20-2008, 01:53 PM
Mine was fine. In fact, I've had more winglet damage this summer than in the winter. I might take them off just to repair/repaint them, though.

bb vign
10-20-2008, 01:54 PM
<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD><i>Quote, originally posted by <b>BeerEngineer</b> &raquo;</i></TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">Mine was fine. In fact, I've had more winglet damage this summer than in the winter. I might take them off just to repair/repaint them, though.</TD></TR></TABLE><p>This is know as "annual winglet/sport body package maintenance" <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.vwvortex.com/vwbb/biggrin.gif" BORDER="0">

10-20-2008, 01:59 PM
I've been driving with the full kit on up until last winter. I took the winglets off late December as snow falls were more frequent with higher accumulations.<br>I sent the winglets to the body shop for some fresh paint and put some new tape on and installed them in the spring. I think I'll repeat this again this winter season...depends on how much snow we'll be expecting.<p>This picture was taken at the beginning of Feb.'08 (just after midnight). Most of the secondary roads were almost this high...that was a fun night especially with the traction off! <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://**********************/smile/emthup.gif" BORDER="0"> <br><IMG SRC="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v627/egrbgr/Polytec%20Foha%20Beauties/08FEB08_After_Midnight.jpg" BORDER="0">

10-20-2008, 02:57 PM
I have a convertible (non-Volvo) for the summer weekends so my Volvo is my daily driver so leaving it at home in winter is not an option.<p>We had a bad winter this past year in terms of snowfall and I could hear the bottom of my doors rubbing the snow on my 2001 S60 (no body kit - totally stock) which is why I'm concerned...but the R body kit just looks so hawt!!<p>fohaR - good to hear as you know exactly how much snow we drive in (I'm north of Highway 7 so get even more snow that you do inside Toronto)....but there's enough on the 427 for 3 people to spin out in front of me last winter (separate incidents).<p>bb vign, looks like your winters are like ours so good to hear that your ground effects are ok in winter also.<p>Are the winglets "easy" to remove?<br>

10-20-2008, 03:03 PM
Wow they got a lot of snow in Reading and they are 500 miles south of us! That said, I drove back from Grove City, PA in that snow storm on December 16 last year but the S60 with Blizzaks did just fine (even without AWD).

10-20-2008, 03:58 PM
I drove mine last winter and they were fine. We regularly get 6"-12" storms up here. I'm sure I plowed the roads here and there, but I was careful not to run through snow walls at speed like the ones the plows make at on and off-ramps, your driveway, etc. The pain in the *** is when it rains on top of the snow, which adds a hard layer of ice over the snow, you have to be extra careful not to plow anything. However, they were severely chipped (paint), which I'm guessing was due to my mostly highway commute, so all the salt/sand/etc. from the cars in front of me acted like a sand blast effect. I'll be taking them off this winter to try and make the paint last and just to make the drive easy and worry free. As long as you're careful not to go through 5 foot snow walls at 30mph+ or hit any ice, you should be fine. I was also careful backing up after a snow storm, so that the snow build up on the sides of the car and behind the car wouldn't rip off a winglet or two, especially if there was ice around, though I never tested a winglet's strength plowing backwards myself, I just took a "better safe than sorry" motto.

10-20-2008, 06:02 PM
Chicago got pounded with snow last year and I made it through fine with the body kit.