my A/C smells like DOG POOP!!!!!
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      my A/C smells like DOG POOP!!!!!

      i bought my car used and i've had it for about 2 months now. last week, my friend and i went to this korean place for dinner. after dinner, we got back into the car and as we were leaving the parking lot, inside of the car smelled like dog poop!!! we thought someone stepped on dog poop! so we went to a gas station and the poop smell went away and we checked the bottom of our shoes and they were clean. today....drove to the post office in the morning. when i left to go back to work....i smelled dog poop again. put my face to the vents and it TOTALLY smelled like DOG POO!!!!!!!! blasted the heat and the smell went away. the tonight....drove home and then to church. leaving church.....DOG POOO smell again!!!!! blasted heat and then no more smell!

      where the heck is the smell coming from?!? i've's ONLY when i have A/C set to cold. and it doesnt smell like the common summer time gym locker sweat kinda smell. it TOTALLY smells like DOG POO! its nuts........

      please help.......

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      Re: my A/C smells like DOG POOP!!!!! (bcheng4jc)

      Seems to me that any bad smell from the A/C is from one, or more, of three sources:

      1. It's possible that something got into the system and died, or built a nest of some sort. You'd be surprised what I've heard from Volvo techs about what they've found inside of ductwork. It's also possible that some critter did relieve itself in one of the intake ducts, and you're smelling the results when you turn on the a/c.

      2. Mildew, fungus, etc. Not as common in winter as summer, but still possible.

      3. A heater core or evaporator leak, where the antifreeze is giving a bad odor - though it's usually "sweet" bad, not like animal waste.

      My first suggestion would be to change the cabin air filter, which is part of routine maintenance, anyway. You may find that it's chock full of wonderful stuff, especially if it's not been changed for a while. And while you're in the filter area, you may see evidence of animal activity (or, worse, a dead animal).

      Spray Lysol into the outside ductwork, turning on the blower to let it go through the system. If you can, when you have the cabin filter out, you can load up a rag with Lysol, attach it securely to a grabber tool or something that you can use as a stick, and ream out as much of the ductwork as you can. Again, if that hasn't been done in a while, or ever, you may be surprised at what comes out on the rag.

      Note whether your antifreeze level drops, indicating a leak.

      Hope this helps and good luck.

      Best regards,

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      Re: my A/C smells like DOG POOP!!!!! (bcheng4jc)

      I work at a Volvo dealer and we have a new machine and a new solution that addresses the issue with mold and mildew. The previous post about changing the cabin air filter is probably the smartest thing to do but if they run the machine on the car it has to be changed anyway. This should resolve your smell.

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      Re: my A/C smells like DOG POOP!!!!! (Johnnyk17)

      Are you referring to MIST treatment?

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      Re: my A/C smells like DOG POOP!!!!! (bcheng4jc)

      Go to Keystone, this is a free service.
      Known issue, so ALL Volvos in warranty are getting this fix for free
      Email: jrl1194(at)
      If the subject is car purchase related please use jrl1194(at)
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