Check Engine P0445 Replaced EVAP Purge Valve Think It's Leak Detection Pump
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      Check Engine P0455 Replaced EVAP Purge Valve Think It's Leak Detection Pump

      EVEN THOUGH THE THREAD TITLE SAYS P0445 THE ACTUAL CODE WAS P0455 (I fat fingered the numbers when I originally posted and have since corrected it in my posts)


      I have been dealing with a Check Engine Light and code P0455.

      Here are the steps I have taken to diagnose:

      Had dealer update the car firmware based on the recall letter

      Had dealer smoke test the EVAP system and there were NO leaks

      MIL came back on after firmware so I replaced the EVAP Purge Valve

      I cleared the MIL

      MIL came back on shortly after

      The dealer said that if the MIL came back on I should start looking at the Leak Detection Pump and from my interwebz research it appears that could be the problem.

      Does anyone have any information on this part? Price, location on car, etc (I would assume this is the $300 part that is near the charcoal canister)

      Anyone have any experience with this failing on their car?

      Also is the search feature broken here? I tried looking for this and other generic terms and the search seems broken.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Use the google search right next to the regular one and it works pretty good.

      I have no help on your specific issue, but good luck. Sounds like an annoying one.

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      Re: Check Engine P0445 Replaced EVAP Purge Valve Think It's Leak Detection Pump (timish)

      Ok well I went to my local Volvo dealer (which is EXCELLENT by the way)

      Picked up a leak detection pump (which is actually a canister shut off valve) part number 9486016.

      I'm going to install it tomorrow and see if that resolves this stupid recurring check engine code for minor and major EVAP leaks.

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      My check engine light just came on as well. Which dealer do you take your car too? I live in L.A. as well.

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      Re: (raffiC70)


      So I buy the part and get home and get under the car.

      Turns out my 2004 C70 does NOT use the leak detection pump the dealer sold me. The piece on the car is a totally different part. (second time this has happened to me with this vehicle, even after them looking the VIN up in their systems)

      So, as I am poking around under there near the charcoal canister, I notice a smaller diameter hose with a tear.

      BINGO, I am betting that this has been the cause of my EVAP leak.

      I just cut the hose where the tear was (it was towards the end) and re attached and cleared the code.

      To answer the previous question, I buy my parts locally from Calabasas Volvo.

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      Re: (timish)

      Go get your money back for the smoke testing
      12 S60T6 AWD, 98 S70T5M, 98S70M, 64P1800 CorVo

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      Re: (64pvolvo1800)

      Why would i get my money back for something I didn't pay for?

      They did the smoke test when I brought the C70 in for the ECU firmware update campaign that was supposed to address the false leak detection pump MIL codes.

      The dealer did it for free (or at least that is what it said on the zero dollar invoice I received when I picked up the car)

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      Re: Check Engine P0445 Replaced EVAP Purge Valve Think It's Leak Detection Pump (timish)

      Just want to confirm it was a vacuum leak fix that got rid of the P0445 code?

      I have this code on my car and just replaced the EVAP purge valve but this did not solve the problem. P0445 (not to be confused with P0455) is not supposed to be a leak related code, it is a low signal purge valve code. It could be the valve or wiring or even the ECM so I am interested how a vacuum leak fix got rid of this code. The code wasn't P0455 by chance? I'd be relieved if it was just a leak in the vacuum line somewhere and not a wiring or ECM problem.

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      Re: Check Engine P0445 Replaced EVAP Purge Valve Think It's Leak Detection Pump (firstv70volvo)

      Hey Guys,

      It was a P0455 code.

      See here for the genesis of my problem

      I edited this thread to reflect the proper code which in fact was a P0455 to avoid any further confusion.

      I had a hose leak that I detected near the leak detection pump. When I resolved this, the P0455 code disappeared for good.

      Again, it was a P0455 and was a cracked hose.

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