Replacing alarm siren backup battery
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      Replacing alarm siren backup battery

      The car behind my question is a 1999 S80 2.4 but I believe the root problem affects all P2 platform Volvos.

      The backup batteries in the anti-theft alarm have a finite life. When the end of their life is approached they fail to take a charge with the consequence that the main car battery becomes flat due to a continuous attempt to recharge the alarm battery when the car is parked up for an extended period.

      The problem is that the alarm sounder is a sealed unit that also includes the battery. Volvo "repair" is to replace the entire unit at £££s ( or $$$s no doubt too )

      Is there a known hack to take the unit apart and replace with an equivalent consumer battery, please? I don't want to buy a second hand unit and then have that fail too.


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      Re: Replacing alarm siren backup battery (Borehamovi)

      Google found my answer, shared here for anyone else contemplating the same fix. Thanks due to vegasjetskier for documenting it so clearly.


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      I was going to try to find that for you My car has the same problem...

      For others stopping by: (from what I remember) the consensus seems to be that the battery leaks and destroys and whole circuit board, so you need to buy a whole new unit, but it apparently doesn't need to be initiated by the dealer

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