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    Thread: Ticket Clip

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      Ticket Clip

      The clear plastic Ticket Clip on the driver's side windshield pillar has been omitted by Volvo on recent model vehicles, particularly my 2008 XC70. I found it very useful on my previous Volvos.

      I asked my Service Advisor about it and they were able to install one for $1.96!

      It's called a Ticket Clip: Part # 8616658-4.

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      Re: Ticket Clip (Hahon)

      Nice! Did you see them do it? Is taking off the A pillar a DIY thing or is it hard to do?

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      Re: Ticket Clip (Hahon)

      Thanks for the tip. This is what makes this site so great: sharing good information.

      Yes this ticket clip was usefull on our previous Volvos. If it is easy to install, I might even get 2 and install one in my Mercedes .

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      Re: Ticket Clip (Hahon)

      Quote, originally posted by Hahon »
      I asked my Service Advisor about it and they were able to install one for $1.96!

      It's called a Ticket Clip: Part # 8616658-4.

      PS Any chance you can take a pic of it so I can see exactly where it goes? I'll be taking my car in a couple of weeks for service, and I'll try to pick it up.

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      Re: Ticket Clip (Lotus99)

      (Have being lurking around for a several years here, finally replaced my '95 850 Turbo Wagon, which has been a very reliable vehicle for us, with the '09 XC70 T6.)

      Anyway, I bought the ticket clip and installed it myself. This is how I did it

      1. remove the square cover that shows airbag, near the upper-left corner of A-pillar, by lifting its bottom edge

      2. once the square cover (cap) is remove, loose the torx screw by about 1", no need to completely remove it

      3. find or build a 3/4" wide thin metal or plastic bar with right angle bent at one end (as a hook) as a pulling tool

      4. insert the pulling tool between the A-pillar plastic cover, starting from the top where the screw was loosen, and slide down along the windshield. Along the middle of the pillar, there's clip behind the plastic cover, that you can pop it with your pulling tool (a click sound).

      5. Around the place or above, there's a larger opening you can make and insert the backend of the ticket clip behind the plastic cover

      6. continue slide the pulling tool with the ticket clip and stop around 4" above the bottom of windshield, and that's it.

      7. click back the clip fasting the cover, tighten the torx screw, put back the square cover

      Hope it helps. I'm too lazy to take photos. But feel free to ask if there're any questions.


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      Re: Ticket Clip (Lotus99)

      I didn't see the dealer install the clip, but the $1.96 included parts & labor; so you should probably just let them install it.

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      Re: Ticket Clip (Hahon)

      This is definitely interesting. Bought a 2008 S80T6 on overseas delivery and specifically asked at the factory if a ticket clip could be installed. Answer was no, it had to be installed during assembly and was done now only on models for sale in Europe. Miss my ticket clip on this, my fourth volvo. I'll ask my dealer's part dept on next service visit. Thanks

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      Re: Ticket Clip (wmz505)

      Thanks for the instructions!

      I did it a bit differently though. I removed pretty much the whole A pillar cover, so I did unscrew the screw completely. I pulled away the cover a few inches from the A pillar and then pulled UP an inch or so at the bottom where it meets the dash, so I could have enough space to push the clip into its slot behind the cover.

      This is because otherwise, you can't insert (at least I couldn't) the holder into its slot, which you can see from my pic. If you just slide the holder under the cover, it will probably stay put, but the way I did it would be how it came from the factory.

      Whole thing took 15 minutes probably and that's cuz I was worried about pulling off the cover completely, but it comes off easily as there's only a few plastic plugs holding it in place besides the screw, and they easily go back in later.

      Modified by Lotus99 at 5:11 PM 7-8-2009

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      Re: Ticket Clip (Lotus99)

      Thanks for the tips, Lotus. I think mine is not inserted into the socket, although it feels pretty secure already. Next time when I have to open it again, I'll want to insert it into the proper seating.


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      Also got my ticket clip installed just today during lunch.

      Part number is the same 8616658. Price is $1.12.

      Total installation is honestly less than 10 minutes. And that's with taking apart the whole cover.

      My steps were:
      1. Take out IC-Inflatable Curtain logo and unscrew the torx.
      2. Partially remove weather stripping that covers the A-Pillar.
      3. Grab the A-Pillar toward the windshield carefully to loosen up the top and middle clip.
      4. Grab the A-Pillar upward and diagonal to remove it completely.
      5. Find the notch to insert the Ticket Clip's clip. Make sure it "clicks" and snaps into place to avoid rattles.
      6. Clean window that the clip will cover onto (if you are as anal as I am... trust me it'll go a long way). Also clean the clip itself from smudges.
      7. Reverse step 4 to 1 CAREFULLY so you don't break your clips and scratch your windshield.
      8. Admire the ticket clip.

      '13 XC90, '08 XC70, '05 S40 T5AWD M, '05 S60R M, '04.5 S40 T5 A, '03 XC90, '01 S40, '95 850 GLT 2.5

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      Lotus, how much did the Canadian dealer charge you for the part?

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      Re: (rovermark)

      Quote, originally posted by rovermark »
      Lotus, how much did the Canadian dealer charge you for the part?

      I paid a few bucks for it, maybe $2.

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