Occassional CEL and code P0106
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      Occassional CEL and code P0106

      Hi Guys,
      I get an occasional CEL (every few weeks/months) and whenever the CEL is on my gas mileage suffers badly. I can get the CEL to come on after a while of driving with the cruise control on. When I scanned the code I got a P0106 error. I went to the dealer, talked to them about the issue (to see where the MAP sensor was located), ordered a new MAP sensor but by the time it was delivered .... the CEL went off and I am having no more troubles. The hoses look pretty good and I dont have a any stalling or hesitation when accelerating so I doubt its a vacuum issue. I have been reading about a MAF (not MAP) sensor that could cause this code but wanted to make sure of what was what before I go about changing out expensive sensors.
      What are the tell-tale signs of a bad MAP sensor?
      And how does that differ from a bad MAF sensor?

      Any advice would be appreciated.

      2004 Volvo S60 (non-Turbo)

      Modified by volvo-driver at 9:51 AM 6-2-2009

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (volvo-driver)

      P0106 is a MAP not MAF sensor code.
      The code above is the generic OBDII code rather than the more specific Volvo code so it doesn't give as much info.

      The simple answer is to test the MAP and see if it is bad but for my money and time I'd just replace it. Volvo models like yours don't tend to throw false codes for engine components by and large. The Denso system is pretty good about accurate self diagnosis.

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (Ipd-Lucky)

      Thanks for that bit of advice.
      I'm glad i have my finger on the problem.
      I'll wait till I get another CEL before I change out the MAP sensor.
      Gonna squeeze every last bit out of the original part.

      It'll be interesting to see how fast the CEL goes off after I change it.
      Thanks again!

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (volvo-driver)

      You bet, post up with how it goes once you replace it!

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (Ipd-Lucky)

      Would someone do me a BIG FAVOR and help me find where the MAP sensor goes on my 2004 S60 B5244S? I was out this morning about to change it when I realized the the diagram that the dealer gave me was NOT for the MAP sensor. Its for a sensor on the end of the fuel rail. My spidey-senses should have off when he handed me the diagram but, of course, it failed me yet again.

      Thanks in advance

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (volvo-driver)

      Okay, I found where the MAP sensor is located.
      I checked out the vacuum diagram located on the underside of my hood.
      Its right on top of the fan bolted under the metal grill. I'm adding pics for the benefit of others.
      It was not completely clear where it was but I found it.
      The bolt that holds it is shown in the pic too. The bolt/hole is immediately to the right of the fan warning label.
      Thanks a lot folks.

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (volvo-driver)

      Updates? fixed, CEL back on?

      Inquiring minds want to know!

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (Ipd-Lucky)

      Well, it worked for all of a few days.
      I yesterday my CEL came on again.
      I scanned the code and it was the P0106 code... again!
      Dont know what else to do at this point.
      I checked out the hoses (didn't pull them off... just checked to see if they were any cracks and what not) and everything looks to be in order.

      Any ideas?


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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (volvo-driver)

      Sounds like you might be in line for a trip to a competent repair shop.

      One thing that is critical when repairing any sensor that has adaptive function is that the ECU adaptions must be cleared or the code can come back even if the failed part is now replaced and functioning.

      Take the pos and neg battery cables and disconnect them from the battery and then touch them together for 30 seconds. this allows a discharge path for the capacitors on the circuit board. This will effectively reset the adaptions. Reconnect the cables and drive, see if the code returns.

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (Ipd-Lucky)

      Thank you Lucky!
      That seems to have done the trick.
      I the CEL has not returned since doing the battery terminal touch trick.

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (volvo-driver)

      Great, keep us posted if it ever returns

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (Ipd-Lucky)

      My report of success was premature.
      Within a day of my last post the CEL came on again.
      Now it comes on and goes off every 24 hours.

      I am looking through VADIS for the code and one of the things they tell us to look at is fuses (one under the hood and one under the steering column). I am going to replace them soon even though they look fine to me.

      Other than that I think its a short.
      There is no reason why a brand new sensor will be throwing this code sporadically like it is. Its very irritating. I even got a ODII scanner and manually cleared the code too. A day or two later it pops back up.

      Another poster on another boards made an observation that the CEL always comes on when doing a constant speed (around 1500-2000 RPM) for a few minutes. I usually get the code on the highway when doing a constant speed too. Electrical issue?? Computer software??? Cant figure it out.

      I'll keep you all informed...

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (volvo-driver)

      Hmmm, not sure what to say given all that.

      Keep us posted on what you find!

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (Ipd-Lucky)

      Update request.

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      Re: Occassional CEL and code P0106 (mcollard)

      Yes, any info?

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      Nothing has changed.
      CEL remains on most of the time then goes off every once in a while.
      I think this thing has beaten me for the fall.
      I'll take a multimeter again and check some things but there's nothing obvious I can put my finger on.

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      Re: (volvo-driver)

      Same code coming back?

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      Re: (volvo-driver)

      I'm having the very same issue of spontaneously occurring P0106 fault. I was looking it over with my trusted mechanic, who examined the cables and felt that the ties applied to some of the wires connected to the sensor may be done too tight. It certainly seems like there's more people affected by this issue, but Volvo tells me there's no recall for my model, a 2004 2.4L S60... "California" edition.

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      Re: (zewari)

      You are non turbo as well correct?

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      Re: (Ipd-Lucky)

      Yup, non-turbo.

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      Re: (zewari)

      Has the MAP sensor been tested? Faults aren't super common but always good to do a quick test.

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      Re: (Ipd-Lucky)

      Same exact problem here. Although mine is also throwing a p2227 code. I've replaced the MAP sensor by the radiator, along with the vacuum line and i'm still having the same problem.

      I thought i read in VADIS that there is another baro sensor mounted in the ECM, and you have to replace the entire ECM if it goes bad. Anyone else confirm this?

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      Hi, I have the same issues above. Intermitent p0106 code from ECU. CEL comes on from time to time.
      I haven't tested the map sensor yet, but the error comes on closer each time.
      Has anybody solved the problem?
      Thanks in advance

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      P0106 translates to Volvo ECM 140A

      This code is stored if the measured value from the MAP doesn't change beyond 0.1 volt when accelerating from a stable idle speed where the throttle angle exceeds 11 degrees over 3 seconds.

      Possible causes are failed MAP, contact issue in the wiring, or vacuum source issue from MAP to manifold.

      No additional MAP in the ECU to my knowledge, maybe you mean BARO?

      I'd start by testing the MAP with a multimeter and vacuum pump.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Ipd-Lucky View Post
      P0106 translates to Volvo ECM 140A

      This code is stored if the measured value from the MAP doesn't change beyond 0.1 volt when accelerating from a stable idle speed where the throttle angle exceeds 11 degrees over 3 seconds.

      Possible causes are failed MAP, contact issue in the wiring, or vacuum source issue from MAP to manifold.

      No additional MAP in the ECU to my knowledge, maybe you mean BARO?

      I'd start by testing the MAP with a multimeter and vacuum pump.
      Thank very much for the reply.
      I mean MAP sensor....maybe I don´t write in English so good as in Spanish
      Do you think this error could be related also with the ETM problem tipical from volvos?
      Maybe the angle sensor of the EMT doesn´t measure the right angle and so the MAP voltage doesn´t correspond with ETM signal. What do you think about it?

      I´m experiencing my first ETM problems, but at very first stage....
      Do you known if a MAP sensor may fail in a long period of time or maybe stalls suddenly?

      I know that i should test the MAP electrically first but I´m afraid I haven´t a vacuum pump.

      Two more cuestions, thanks in advance for the patience
      It´s seems to be a bit difficult to find this MAP in the web (at least by volvo reference), do you known a compatible reference, maybe from bosch or similar?

      And finally, anybody knows where to find a spare hose?

      Thank you for answering

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      Doesn't seem to be related to ETM issues so far as I can tell.

      ETM and MAP are essentially separate in how/what they do so I wouldn't see a correlation there.

      Here's the map we're talking about http://www.ipdusa.com/Volvo-S60-P2/E...-392-395-5199/
      Be advised these are actually boost pressure sensors even though volvo calls them MAP. So they would not fit on non turbo cars. If you send me your year/make/model and vin I can look it up for you.

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      Having the same problem too. Changed the map sensor and the presure line, but still the same codes appear after a while.
      Anyone had any luck solving this issue??

      V70-04 5244S(non Turbo)

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      Afraid I'll have to jump in here too. I bought an 04 S60 2.4 non-turbo used from a reputable Volvo dealership about a year and a half ago. Car had 109K when I bought it, had just had major service by the dealer before delivery to me. CEL came on about a month later with codes P2227 and P0106 both showing. I hoped it was a fluke and cleared the codes / shut off the light with the local auto parts store scanner. No problem for well over a year, delightful car, I'm thrilled with it. A month ago at 128K, CEL on again with the same codes. This time I swap out the MAP, check the vacuum hose, clear the codes again. It's fine for 2 weeks, then the light is on again, but goes out by itself 2 days later - first time it's done that by itself! It came on again this morning as soon as my wife started the car. The only symptoms I notice are a stumble at cold startup, and the gas mileage is down on the display if I'm paying attention, but only when the light is on!
      I read in another thread about dealer software upgrades that contribute to a cure for this? Before I call the dealer next week, can anybody share their expertise? Thanks!

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      Resurrecting an old post here.. My moms 04 V70 Non-Turbo 2.4L is having the same issue. Its pulling both P2227 & P0106 codes at the same time. I erased the codes but they came back on. Have any of you found a definite fix to this?
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