Replacing Inner Tie Rod Ends
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      Replacing Inner Tie Rod Ends

      Has anyone figured a good way to remove and replace inner tie rod ends without access to the Volvo special tools? I couldn't figure out any way to hold the steering rack first of all. Second, I did not have anything that would fit the flats on the inner tie rod. I'm going to need something like the thin, 32mm crow foot that the Volvo special tool appears to be. I still can't figure how to how the rack against the torgue that will have to be applied to the tie rod ends.

      Thanks in advance for any help.

      Bob S.
      Davis CA
      01 S60 2.4T

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      No tools needed use locking pliers

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      Re: (dmsee)

      Vice grips, needle nose grips work well.

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      Do you use vice grips on both the rack and the tie rod? I can see using locking pliers on the tie rod, but I hate to risk marring the rack.
      Bob S.

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      Here's an interesting solution....

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