Any under car pics of exhaust routing ? (doing Converse Bertone)
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      Any under car pics of exhaust routing ? (doing Converse Bertone)

      Not to that point yet. Just thinking ahead.Would love to see how others have done it. Single ? Dual ? Crossflow muffler ? Wondering about ground clearance . Also what muffler/mufflers did you use?
      We want throaty but not loud. My wife says she wants it to sound like my 08 Silverado which does sound very nice for a lil V6.
      If no pics a description would be nice . Pros/ Cons ?
      Thanks !

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      Re: Any under car pics of exhaust routing ? (nonhog)

      Sorry, I don't have any pics but I can give you a fairly detailed description of how the exhaust is laid out on my 91 940 SE w/ 5.0 + T5. I'm running Heddman Headers, from the collector the exhaust runs parallel to the block in between the block and the frame rails (it's a TIGHT fit), and continue running parallel until the tailshaft of the transmission. The pipe on the driver's side makes a 90 degree turn toward the passenger side exhaust, and runs underneath the tailshaft of the transmission. It meets up with the passenger side exhaust, does another 90 degree turn, and then the two pipes run into a y-pipe on the passenger side of the car. From there, a single pipe does the over-the-wheel bend, and it dumps into a generic magnaflow muffler of some type, and exists straight out on the passenger side. It's certainly functional, sounds great (without being loud), and I've never had an issue with ground clearance.

      I wanted to do a true dual-exhaust setup on the car, but my safety conservatism won out. Running the length of the driver's side of the car (right where I would run the exhaust) are the fuel lines from the fuel pump up to the fuel rail. My concern was a situation where I run over something that ruptures the fuel line, and then I've got raw fuel being pumped directly onto a hot exhaust pipe.

      Your Bertone may be set up differently (is it a 780, or a 260?).

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      Re: Any under car pics of exhaust routing ? (nonhog)

      Whether your Bertone is a 262c or a 780, the routing definitely takes forethought! My 89 245 has a 95 940T motor and I ran 3" mandrel bent pipe the length of the car. Just running larger diameter pipe creates issues; notably clearing the transmission mount. I have tons of underbody pics of the dual exhaust on my 90 740 V8. The only way to run duals on a car designed for single exhaust is to run both pipes together. Converse has pics of one car that had duals and then went in front of the trunk so the driver's pipe went out the left side of the car's rear ala American casrs. Personally, I really didn't want one bank having 5' of extra pipe. And, I ran the fuel lines inside my frame rail to keep 'em away from the exhaust. The pipes are 2.5", the X-pipe is from Dr.Gas as are the forward SpinTech mufflers. The rear resonators are 12" glass packs from Summit. Clearance? The shocks/struts are Bilstein HD's, lowered with Lesjofers progressive springs...clearance is only an issue on speed bumps and "spined" dirt roads.
      Looking aft from under the motor...

      From underneath rear axle, looking forward...

      Rear glasspacks as resonators...

      If your wife has an idea of what the car should sound like, I'd go with DynaMax ovals up front. Do not confuse them with the $20 DynOMax made by Thrush. The DynaMax are about $60 each; minimal back pressure but very quiet! Good luck!

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      Wow! That is quite an installation!
      Also quite an investment...
      Looks great!

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      Re: (Walrus3)

      1980 Bertone 262C. I just got an e-mail from Converse with some pics of headpipes YIKES! Gonna be tight. I want to do my own but may have to have a pro do at least the head pipes.

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      Re: (nonhog)

      Yes, it [Iis] tight! Do you have the actual instructions from Converse? He usually sends a couple of pages of different installations. The 260 is just as tight as the 740's. On the passenger side I had the option of crushing header pipes or massaging the frame rail flange. Reducing the exhaust flow wasn't an option so, I cut the frame, beat it in and re-welded it.

      And, George, as for expense? Yeah, I have more money than I care to consider in this car but I did cut corners where I could. The converters I bought on eBay for $50 each. Turns out they were Catco brand, which is the same brand the local muffler shop charges $175 installed!!

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      Re: (swiftjustice44)

      Yep I bought the kit and am doing the Explorer 5.0 The pictures in my kit were of the rear of the car. I have since gotten pics of headpipes e-mailed to me. I am wondering if oval pipes off the headers might help ?
      I will search Spintech's website and see what they offer. Or maybe I'll make my own ? Easier said than done I am sure. Thanks for the pics and posts !

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      Good move on the Explorer motor. The front accessories are shorter than the Mustang variety; not so much on 240/260's but with 740's the space for a fan is very tight. The shorter Explorer water pump and accessory brackets allow for more room!
      I have pics of my 3" single exhaust on my 245 if you consider going that route.

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      Re: (swiftjustice44)

      3" single I'd love to see pics. Heck I'd love to post pics but still can't figure it out.

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      Re: (nonhog)

      The easiest way to post pics is to open a free PhotoBucket account. Upload them from your computer by using their site, makes it a no-brainer. Once the picture is uploaded to photobucket, just look under the image and choose the img code. Highlight it, right click for copy, have your forum page open in adifferent window, toggle to the forum and paste the code into the box you're writing. It's easy after you do it a few times.
      Now keep in mind, my 89 245 is a B230FT so I don't have a crossover pipe...but that really isn't the issue. As you'll see in my pics, I had to modify the transmission cross member to clear the larger pipe. Could have gotten away w/o it but I like my pipes tucked up under the car whenever possible. It's all mandrel bent tubing, no crush pipes on this one! The bullet cat is off eBay as is the electric exhaust cut out. Oval turbo style muffler and glass pack for resonator. Hey, when it works...stay with it!!
      Here's the 3" down pipe from the turbo...

      Standing under the engine facing aft...

      Close up of the transmission crossmember...cut the saddle out and made the arch higher.

      This is looking forward from just forward of the rear end...

      The rear...I chose to have the exhaust exit in the stock location. From a pure performance stand point..I should have gone straight out the back...but this is my d/d and I wanted a bit more silencing so this gave me space to run a long glasspack. They make a lot of difference!

      Another angle from the rear...

      Running a single 3" exhaust on a V8 is a lot simpler than duals. The major obstacles with duals are twice as many pipes, cats and mufflers in a space designed for singles. A single pipe design eliminates most of the headaches!

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      Re: (swiftjustice44)

      Thanks, I cant wait to get home to view those pics. See I cant photobucket at work (during break time of course)
      I know thats an option but I see some posting pics w/o photobucket cause those I can see from work. So there must be another way.
      Oh well ! I was looking at oval pipes and think that might be the way to go? More research needed.

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      Re: Any under car pics of exhaust routing ? (nonhog)

      Just bought a 744 wagon for a 472 swapped twin turbo setup... should be popping in here more frequently. Digging the setups guys
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      Old thread - but here's another option. '82 242 w/5.0L/T5z/8.8" Ford rear (not installed in this picture)

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      Quote Originally Posted by Michael Yount View Post
      OK - another try on a link/picture....
      Server won't feed pic to a forum so copy this all in one line and paste into a new browser...


      George Dill

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      Thanks George. Odd - but all 3 (the thumbnail, link and copied link in your 'quote' of my message) all take me to the picture.

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      Funny I'm still in head scratching mode on the exhaust. Still have a car taken up a stall, Been bad about progress. Kids, yardwork bla bla bla.
      Was looking at some pipes out in the shop just a bit ago.
      Good luck with pics M.Y.

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      One more try....

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      Nice pipes - any cats on the car?

      George Dill

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      Yup George - 2.5" in/out stainless substrate high flow units from Random Technology.

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