New idea V8 swap advice (was "speaking of under car pics")
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      New idea V8 swap advice (was "speaking of under car pics")

      How about a what advice can you give a guy about to start a V8 swap?
      Not only can I now give advice I can still use advice
      I am half way ? Have engine in for test fit.

      1st) Get the Jags that run book. No matter what engine you choose, money well spent. Good info good detail !

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      Re: New idea (edit) V8 swap advise thread (nonhog)

      That would be advice, no such a word as advise
      Email: jrl1194(at)
      If the subject is car purchase related please use jrl1194(at)
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      Re: New idea (JRL)

      Thanks so much, you've been great !

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      Re: New idea (JRL)

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      Re: New idea (gdill2)

      Your good George !

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      "You're" good.....

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      If I were to advise you, I'd be giving you advice
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      I, for one, would love to see the V8 section greatly expanded. This seems to be a growing area of interest, I see more and more of these swaps online. Ran across 740 wagon with 5.0 Ford/5 speed/Bilsteins, etc, and fairly clean S. Carolina body on local Craigslist, in ghetto are of Detroit. Guy was selling cheap, but wife says "NO MORE CARS!" so let it pass at $1600!! There is a lot to be learned and a lot to be considered before attempting a project like this. Wiring issues drive me nuts, personally, but input on suspension, A/C, exhaust, etc are all things I would love to hear other folks input on. Also would like info on parts sources and suppliers. 2 door 242 body parts in USA seem to be nonexistant and even IPD is cutting back on 240 stuff, espacially performance items

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      By the way, Mr Moderator; can this thread be changed to; "New idea V8 swap advice" instead of "speaking of under car pics"

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