S60R Aftermarket HU To Amp Problems, Please Help
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      S60R Aftermarket HU To Amp Problems, Please Help

      Hey everyone, I recently installed my Pioneer Avic D3 into my 2005 S60r and have had nothing but small problems that I hope can be ironed out by people more educated than myself in regards to this stuff. Let me start by telling you that I successfully installed the Dietz harness(s) properly and was able to retain my steering controls perfectly (great success!), the headunit has power, the gps works fine, and the antenna has a signal. Basically everything works well except for sound! My problems started as soon as I realized I needed the 6-pin female adapter that bridges a connection between my 6 pin male amp plug into 2 pairs of RCA cables that allow a connection to my HU for my front and rear speakers. Here is what I purchased: http://cgi.ebay.com/Volvo-Hu-F...dc1cd

      I pluged the RCA cables in properly and spliced the red wire into an exisiting 12v wire, and spliced the grounding wire of the harness into an already existing ground wire (I believe this is the first issue).

      By doing this type of installtion I ran into a list of problems that I hope you guys can help with:

      1) A whirling noise comes from the speakers and seems to be directly associated with my accelerater pedal (I believe this is a ground loop from splicing into another ground...any thoughts?)

      2) When I turn on the interior overhead lights, an odd noise comes from the speakers and continues to make this static-like noise until the overhead lights are turned off! (I have no idea how these two things are associated with each other)

      3) All speakers work fine except for my driver side door (the lower speaker, not the tweeter) No sound at all, however the tweeter works fine, so that I would think that the RCA cable for front driver speakers works fine and possibly an issue elsewhere? (I never noticed if that speaker worked prior to installation)

      4) I am guessing I have a short somewhere. My battery nearly died when I went to start up my car this morning. I am thinking that where ever I spliced the amp harness into the other 12v cable is just continuously keeping my amp on even when the car is off and draining my battery.

      Sorry for all these nitemare questions, and as you can tell I am a newbie with this stuff. I wont have time to mess with this again untill next weekend. The first thing I plan on doing to resolve these things is to get rid of all the 12v and grounding splices I made and run wires to either the engine or the trunk to properly supply power or a clean individual ground. Hope someone out there can supply some input without being too critical. Thanks for taking the the time to read this.


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      Re: S60R Aftermarket HU To Amp Problems, Please Help (Sleep_R)

      1) Which ground did you splice into? The best ground for any type of aftermarket stereo equipment seems to be the existing ground for the factory HU.

      2) This is most likely related to the ground issue.

      3) That is indeed strange, does that mean both the midrange and woofer have no sound? It most likely would be a wiring problem within the door itself as the tweeter is run off the same channel.

      4) Concerning the battery drain: is the blue wire w/white stripe (the amp turn-on) hooked up to the corresponding wire on the headunit? (a somewhat dumb question, I know, but it happens).

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      Re: S60R Aftermarket HU To Amp Problems, Please Help (Sleep_R)

      The six pin connector for the amp has 4 signals, 1 signal ground and a remote turn on lead.
      In your adapter cable, the 4 signals connect to the tips of the RCA's,
      the ground is most likely connected to the shell of the connector, maybe the signal ground,
      and the red wire most likely the remote turn on sensing input for the amp.

      The RCA's are pretty obvious, the black ground? Try disconnecting it entirely.
      The red wire is looking for a 12 volt signal when the HU is turned on.
      It sounds like you connected the red wire to the wrong place. Use the
      Pioneers Amp remote on lead for that. May fix your flat battery problem!

      To check your dead speaker issue, take a crack at swapping a known good
      RCA plug to the Front Left amp input and see if that makes a difference.
      You may have a toasted speaker, though...I hate that!

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      Thank you for your replies. Well it seems like what I thought...create fresh grounds for my wires and get rid of excessive splicing. I will reply ASAP, tough right now to get it done with school coming to a close. If any other advice pops in your head please dont hesistate!

      Also I will check about the blue wire with the stripe to make sure that is hooked up properly.

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      Hey do you have pics of the install? Could you possibly write up a short set of instructions or link to what you used? I'm very interested in a head unit like this but info on here is very scattered.
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      Re: (RBbugBITme)

      I had an 05 S60R with the HU850 (prologic). Noises and speaker balance went away when I used an Audio Controls (LS6 or LC6?). By no means am I any kind of installer, I had pros do it.. but this was necessary. I maintained prologic... Center speaker was run off of factory amp, fronts and rears fun off of an MTX 4ch, and subs off of an MTX 81000D. Very clean, great sound. For what is is worth.. My .02

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