Aftermarket In Dash Navigation 2003 S60
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      Aftermarket In Dash Navigation 2003 S60

      Good Morning To All;

      First, I want to let everyone know that I came across this forum while researching the above topic, and I am extrememly impressed with the professionalism and help that everyone offers to each other.

      I searched through many, many threads and while I found some great information on the subject I was searching for, I had some more specific questions that I was hoping I could get some feedback on.

      I have a 2003 Volvo S60, with the "standard" stereo, (CD, cassette am/fm, no in-dash changer). I can get the model # if needed but my girlfriend borrowed my car to go to work today so it'll be a little while before I

      I would like to purchase a double DIN size aftermarket stereo, navigation system. I would like it to include bluetooth for the phone, satellite radio and also an IPOD adapter.

      I'm not interested in the single DIN size where the screen is motorized and pops out etc.

      I looked at Kenwood and pioneer models and they seem to have all the features I am looking for, so my questions are:

      1: Has anyone installed a double DIN kenwood or pioneer in their S60? I saw a few other systems such as the BluePower etc that I don't think I am interested in, but I open to any suggestions.

      2: Do you need to have any involvement from the dealer (ie: the car computer needs to be reporogrammed/flashed afterwards)?

      3: Are any aftermarket systems compatible with the steering wheel control buttons?

      4: How is the bluetooth quality? I want to increase my safety so I would like to be able to talk on the phone hands free as much as possible (I know, I shouldn't be on the phone at all while I'm driving but I am basically on call 24/7 for my job and I need to take urgent calls frequently).

      5. How hard is the install? I won't be doing it myself but have a coworker who owns an emergency vehicle lighting business and he installs radios, parrot bluetooth kits etc all the time, he just has never done any work on a Volvo so I want to make sure I won't be setting him or I up for disaster.

      Sorry for my first post being lengthy, just want to cover all my bases and be as concise as possible so I make sure that I don't waste anyone's time.

      Have a great day and thanks in advance for everyone taking the time to read this.

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      Re: Aftermarket In Dash Navigation 2003 S60 (flightmedic1)

      I think there is only one headunit available that will retain the factory steering wheel controls, but I'm not sure if it's still around and I know its big $$$
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      Re: Aftermarket In Dash Navigation 2003 S60 (bpray9223)

      Well someone else recently asked about retaining steering wheel controls with an aftermarket stereo and I thought there was a couple interfaces out the but apparently I was mistaken. I installed the navigation in mine and it was fairly easy if you have installed radios before, just make sure you disconnect thebattery first or you'll get a SRS code thrown. I don't know why but it does and it's about $40 to clear from Volvo. You can get a wiring harness from pretty much any stereo shop and it should just plug in to the factory harness without any cutting or splicing. Also if you have a center channel speaker you won't have it after you install the radio but I don't think you have one so you should be good. I personally would go with the Pioneer because I think they offer more features, and a while back Kenwood kind of went to crap but I think they might be getting a little better. Anyways, good luck and post some pics when you get done
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      Re: Aftermarket In Dash Navigation 2003 S60 (chillidawg)

      There is only one volvo canbus adapter that will preserve your steering wheel controls, Dietz.

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