Emissions leak? Error code P2407
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      Emissions leak? Error code P2407

      Hey all - today I woke up and was getting ready to head out to school when I noticed I had a Check Engine light on. I went over to O'Reilly to borrow their OBD II and I got this code:

      P2407: Evaporative emission system leak detection pump sense circuit intermittent/erratic.

      Now back on October of 2009 I took my car in for a check engin light and the volvo dealer got a code: ECM-250A, and they charged me $215 just to reflash the ECU Are these two codes related?


      2005 Volvo S40 2.4i

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      Re: Emissions leak? Error code P2407 (ewizzle)

      These cars dont usually have problems with the leakage detection pumps, plus they werent introduced till later model volvos.

      I would say possible loose gas cap, more than common with evap leaks.

      The ECM-250a was cured with the ECM upgrade but was also part of the PCV problem since the upper hose would crack.

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