Replacing inner steering tie rods 1990 240 wagon
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      Replacing inner steering tie rods 1990 240 wagon

      I'm wanting to change the inner tie rods on the steering for my 1990 240 wagon with CAM style rack.

      I have no idea how to remove the passenger side tie rod. It has a clip type piece formed onto the end like a tab. It doesn't budge at all. The rod on the driver side of rack doesn't have this. It can be unscrewed and replaced with my new part. The steering rack gear rods are the original factory parts, never been removed.
      Photos of the inner tie rods on the steering/gear rack and photos of the new parts from FCPgroton can be seen at my blog, hotcrowd.wordpress (dot) com

      I want to do this job if possible. Otherwise I'll save up for a new rack, ($250).
      Anyone know what we are looking at here? I haven't found mention of this in any forums online. What is your experience?

      Thanks in advance. Best of success with your cars too.

      Franklin, TN
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      I hope this isn't to late but the tie rod end has been 'peened' over into a slot. At least on the 81 242 I worked on there was a flat on the rack and you need a heavy duty wrench on that and the tie rod end ( I used a pipe wrench on the tie rod end). It's tight but will unscrew.

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      Thank you VolvoBob,

      I discovered that the inner tie rods on the steering rack are female end type that do have the 'peened' fit. I ordered the new replacement parts, hoping to replace them this past weekend. I need to clean off all the grease and look carefully for 'flat' area to apply the wrenches. I am afraid of damaging the internal rack parts during this removal.
      Not much room to work with the car up on jack stands, only. Need car lifted nearly above my head to get any leverage...Might return the parts and just order entire rack that comes with inner rods installed. Car drives fine in city, just a little shaky at interstate speeds. 20 year old car. What I should expect.


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      I wouldn't worry about breaking anything internal. When I had to change mine I just used a pipe wrench. Depending on where you place the stand you should have plenty of room since. I had to use the same setup with mine. Just make sure you get your car aligned after you're done. Hope you got this problem worked out.

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