Shift solenoid code. Does my car need to go down the road?
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      Question Shift solenoid code. Does my car need to go down the road?

      I have a '97 850 n/a wagon with 183,xxx miles and I've been getting intermittent "limp home mode" with the flashing arrow on the dash and blinking mode selector light. I read the codes today and got 222 which was a shift solenoid code. I hear this most likely requires the transmission to be replaced because just fixing the solenoid would be to involved for such an old transmission that will probably have something else fail soon.

      My question is, is it smarter to drive this car for the rest of the summer and look for something else when I get back from school next year (can't take a car to school for the first year ) or find a used transmission and put it in. My car burns about a quart of oil every thousand miles, but is in decent shape otherwise.

      Just FYI, I'm leaning toward an LS400 for the next car. Volvo's have and will always have a place in my heart, but the LS is in my price range and is praised for its longevity.

      Pic related, my car:

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      Mine did that a couple of years ago – code 222 and limp home mode. I just reset the code and kept driving it until I figured out how to fix it. As it turned out the code and problem never came back. One thing I did notice was that the problem occurred on extremely hot days, so it could be that you are as lucky as me that the gremlin will go away again.

      If needed you are able to buy the solenoid from fx. FCP, but as understand it; it is not so easy to get to with the transmission installed.


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