Which way should vacuum line check valve be oriented?
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      Which way should vacuum line check valve be oriented?

      Stupid question, I know, but I'm almost done with a huge amount of work in the engine bay of my '01 V70, and I'm now realizing that there's one thing I forgot to take note of before disassembling everything; I'm replacing the vacuum lines with new silicone lines, but the problem is, I didn't think to check the orientation of the check valves (the two white plastic pieces in the vac tree coming off the intake manifold), and now I'm not sure which way they're supposed to go. Should the arrows point TOWARDS the intake manifold, or away from it? TIA.

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      Tough one. You may just want to bring your question to a Volvo dealership parts counter and ask the person there. They'll at least have all the parts location... and hopefully their orientation, as they can face different ways. He'll be able to bring up the schematics onscreen and write/draw the orientation for you.

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      I just looked on our 2007 XC70 and as I suspected the arrow points to the intake manifold meaning it allows vacuum to pass through the check valve minimizing loss of vacuum that powers accessories when under strong acceleration.

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