XC90 Turbo Upgrade?
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      XC90 Turbo Upgrade?

      I searched but couldn't find any advice along the lines of this question.

      2003 XC90 T5 AWD. Original owner. 124,000 miles. Well maintained and still in very good running condition.

      I know IPD has an ECU upgrade that will increase boost and thereby increase HP and torque. However I'm a little leery about increasing boost on a turbo with that many miles.

      Should I replace the turbo before purchasing the IPD ECU upgrade? With the OEM turbo or is there a better aftermarket option, e.g. a 16T or 18T?

      Or should I just put the old gal out to pasture and pick out a newer vehicle?

      Any and all advice welcome!

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      Feb 2003
      16T or 19T will be better fit since they are angled flange.
      You'll need bigger injectors when you do turbo upgrade.
      Most imnportantly get a good custom tune.

      Good Luck.
      MY02 V70XC w/19" IWC CSL w/245/40/19 T1S, R Brembos f+r, Coilovers, VST anti-sway bars + endlinks + f&r strut bars, UR strut bar + lower f&r braces, Pipercross, KKK K24, 465 green injectors, FMIC, ATF cooler, VST Rev, UR pulley, Aquamist, TME 3" DP + Catback, Built B5244T5 + MTE Stg 3 tuned=

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      For that particular model and mileage I'd be more concerned about the transmission personally. With a properly maintained engine, 200K+ on the turbo and block is not uncommon at all.

      You might start with an ECU upgrade and see if that gets you the performance you're looking for. If after that you're still looking for more power then consider the 16T for an upgrade.
      Either way if you increase the engine output consider a trans cooler upgrade and a good fluid flush if you haven't already.

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      Thanks for the advice!!

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      Has anyone upgraded the turbo on the xc90 2.5t awd? I was thinking about upgrading mine with larger injectors fuel pump and a tune. stock power just isnt cutting it at 208 hp

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