Cruise Control Not Working
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      Cruise Control Not Working

      I have a 1998 Volvo V70 GLT and the Cruise Control is not working. Does anyone have any ideas about where to start looking for the fault? I did a search and found one post that referenced another bog that said to make sure a hose under the battery is connected and a brake switch. Where is the brake switch? Any other ideas?


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      The brake switch is located behind the brake pedal up behind the dash. To test the brake switch go onto a not very crowded highway and lift up on the brake pedal with your toe while engaging the cruise. If you cruise works then your brake pedal is out of adjustment.

      If your car is a manual there is a clutch switch as well.

      Another common failure is a vacuum leak. The cruise servo is located under your battery. Remove you battery and tray and take a look at the vacuum lines under there.

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      There's also a brake position sensor which is on the engine side stuck into the power brake booster. Often times a non-cel code is stored that can tell you what sensor is causing your cruise to fail. It's worth checking next time your car is in the shop.
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      Quote Originally Posted by mune237 View Post
      I'm hit with the same problem and well, my torque converter does lock up (if it does what I think it does to engine revs). I got it checked out before, but I forgot what they said about why the cruise doesn't work. I think they said something broke in the signal stalk? How can I break the signal stalk...
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      The wiring break's going to the t/s stalk, all the time!

      Access the vacuum pump under the battery and put a hand vacuum pump on the line going to the dash....with vacuum the pedal should move down by itself.
      There is a hard vacuum line that likes to crack in the engine bay.

      and the Brake PEdal Position sensor is not used for cruise on 98's.

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      Thanks guys. I'm going to check these over the next few days and let you know what I find.

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      The t/s stalk had a broken wire. Put a temporary splice on it and doing so was not easy. Test drive had the cruise control working fine. So, I either try fix the broken wire or order a new stalk.

      Thanks all.

      This 98 V70 GLT is a great car. It has 157k on it and when I pulled the plugs to look at them and look down on the cylinder head - the plugs and the head looked great.

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      I fixed the broken wire tonight, no problem. A quick solder job, heat shrink, put the t/s stalk back in an she is good to go.

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      Do you have a picture of which wire? my cruise doesn't work, it use to, the light doesn't even come on when I flip the switch, so I'm wondering if I have a broken wire.

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      I will open it back up tomorrow and take a pic of the fixed wire. By the way, my light does not come on either but the cruise control does work. If I remember correctly, "cruise control" lights up in the color green in small font, I think.


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      I have not forgotten you. I have been busy at work and with the kids going back to school, etc., etc. I will get a pic this weekend.


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      no worries - thanks for checking in.

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      I don't think there is a "cruise control" light until 1999

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      It is a 1998 and I think you are right. It has been inop for a while and I could not remember.

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      I have pics and I'm ready to post a sequence of what I did but my posting permissions indicates that I'm not allowed attachments. So, I cannot post pics. Is there a way to obtain permission to post pics.


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      The black electric tape is on the second wire because the insulation is compromised and some bear wirer was showing, so, it is covered with the tape for protection. The shrink wrap is the wire that was found broken. It was solderd.

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      Put all your pictures into one post/reply, one after the other.
      No need for multiple posts

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      Yup! thats where they always break.

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      Thanks for the picts. I popped the cover and did not see any issues with my wiring I guess I need to look down to that brake pedal switch. Wouldn't the "cruise" light come on when I turn it to the ON position?

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      I think it only does that on newer models.
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