"Reduced Engine Performance"
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      "Reduced Engine Performance"

      05 T5 79,000 miles
      Recently,on startup I get a "Reduced Engine Performance" message.
      So far,it goes away if I shut down and restart.
      Should I be worrying about anything?

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      Yes, but I'm not sure what. Perhaps a sensor on its way out that's not giving a good readout when cold.
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      2 weeks ago, my car was run out of gas and when i fill it with gas it wont start. and when it did it had that same message :S

      like he said, does it means something ?

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      by the way i have a 2002 2.4t s60

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      I would suggest checking to see what DTCs are stored in memory. You can check to see if codes are stored by :

      1) Turn your ignition to II, but don't start the car.
      2) Hold the "read" button on your turn signal stalk
      BE QUICK HERE, timing is everything
      3) Press the rear foglight switch twice.
      4) Look at your trip comp.
      5) Keep pressing "read"

      After a short pause, the display (hopefully! ) reports:

      No DTCs found.

      Reported systems are:

      BCM (Brake Control Module)
      DEM (Differential Electronics Module - AWD)
      ECM (Engine Control Module)
      SWM (Steering Wheel Module)
      EPS (Electrical Power Steering)
      CEM (Central Electronic Module)
      SRS (Supplemental Restraint System)
      CCM (Climate Control Module)
      DDM (Driver Door Module)
      ICM (Infotainment Control Module)
      PDM (Passenger Door Module)
      KDM (Keyless Drive module)

      If you have codes stored you will need a Volvo specific code reader like Vadis or Vida to see which exact codes they are.

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      i dont have any of these codes