Weird steering/tire issues when turning left in 04 S60
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      Weird steering/tire issues when turning left in 04 S60

      I've got a few issues... not sure if they're related to each other, but any help is appreciated. All are realted to turning LEFT.

      1. Often, when turning left at low speeds (from a road into a parking lot for example), I hear and feel a bump coming from the left front tire area. I've taken my car to the Volvo dealership twice for this issue, and neither time have they found anything. They did tighten some springs or something once, but it didn't do anything.

      2. Here lately, after first starting the car and pulling out of my driveway, I've noticed that my steering wheel feels like it's stuck and doesn't want to turn left without a little more effort. It has never felt this way when turning right. I really notice it when I'm driving relatively straight ahead, and need to slightly move left.

      3. This has only happened to my wife... she has had it go completely dead while braking and turning left on several occassions. Obviously, the dealership couldn't recreate this one, so they shrugged their shoulders.

      Any ideas on any of these issues? # 3 has only happened 5 or 6 times in the 5 years we've owned the car.

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      1. there is a couple of service bulletin for the noise. one is TNN64-21 and involves adjusting a screw on the steering gear
      TNN64-21-2006-05-03 Title: Steering noise, yoke adjustment
      Under certain conditions a knocking, thumping, or clicking noise may be heard from the steering. The noise may be heard as a metallic or hydraulic noise. The noise can be heard under the following conditions:

      Driving on uneven roads or other large imperfections in the road, especially during right-hand turns.

      When stationary, turning the wheel quickly from side to side. The noise may be heard with the engine on or off, and may also be felt in the steering wheel.

      Driving at slow speeds and turning the steering wheel back and forth/left and right. The noise can become louder when there is increased torque with the steering wheel movements.
      the other is TNN21-18 and is the subframe bushings making noise, there is a plastic washer kit to reduce the noise PN 30660816
      TNN21-18-2004-05-04 Title: Sub Frame Squeaking Noise.
      Under certain conditions when driving in cold and or wet weather a squeaking or crunching type noise may be heard from the vehicle sub frame bushings. This noise may be more noticeable during low speed maneuvers or when braking at low speeds.

      2. pop the hood and check the power steering fluid reservoir for leaks, also check the fluid level. if its leaking youll need a new reservoir...

      3. *shrugs shoulders*
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