2004 Volvo S60 R - Problems and cost to fix
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      2004 Volvo S60 R - Problems and cost to fix

      So my Dad apparently has been driving my car while I'm at school and crushed a pot hole the other day. He bent the front passenger wheel. Apparently he's been driving it for a while now, I don't go home that often, and when he took it to the shop it also needs its rear wheel bearings to be replaced and the all wheel drive system has failed.

      Any idea on what it would cost to fix all of this as the Volvo dealer gave us a huge price tag that I can really afford right now ($5000).

      I think I could do the bearings myself so do you know any good sites to order them from?

      I definitely need some help to shrink this bill.

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      Wow, that sounds pretty high unless there are other items requiring repair/servicing.

      Perhaps if you can be more specific regarding AWD failure, you might get better answers.
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      Depending on what part of the AWD failed (Angle gear, sleeve, DEM, etc) it can range from $400-$2000 just for that fix. If you have pegasus whees they would be about $200-$300 depending on 17" or 18". The wheel bearing shouldn't be too bad. You should start by finding out what part of the AWD system failed though. But it shouldn't be $5000 unless they are replacing the transmission or something lol.

      Tascaparts.com has the cheapest OEM parts around. I would check there.
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      Tasca Volvo Parts will get you the best price on OEM parts.

      AWD failures are common but you will need to know what the problem is. Most often it is the stripped spline sleeve. ~$150 in parts and few hours in labor. Angle gear(transfer case) is also a common problem that would cost around 2k to fix, but you can buy a used unit in the $400-500 range and replace it yourself in a few hours. The last case for AWD failure is the electronic module for AWD (DEM), that fails due to heat from the exhaust. New module is over 1k IIRC but one could be rebuild by an electronic repair shop or a used unit that would need to be recoded.
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      I would let your dad figure out the details with the single wheel and the AWD failure. Bearings are easy but will run you a little bit of money for all four. As others have stated a wheel will be within a certain range but fixing the awd could range from a $400 sleeve replacement to possibly needing a new tranny or angle gear
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      Guys thanks for all the great information. I am gonna go home this weekend and figure out what parts I need. You've all been extremely helpful and I definitely appreciate it.

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      Also, since you had the dealership do a diagnostic, post what items were included in their $5,000 estimate. That will give folks a better idea of what exactly is the problem causing the AWD failure.

      For that price, im guessing, they are planning to replace the Angle Gear. Usually the dealership will not be the cheapest place to get a repair done but sometime it is the best place depending on the difficulty.
      2004 V70R - GT. Titanium on Nordkap. Mostly stock with a little extra oomph

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      Quote Originally Posted by R6surfer3 View Post
      So my Dad apparently has been driving my car while I'm at school and crushed a pot hole the other day. He bent the front passenger wheel. Apparently he's been driving it for a while now....
      I think it's time to sit your Dad down and have 'The Talk".

      +1 on what everyone has said about the AWD. I would also search for a local rim repair shop and get a second opinion on fixing the rim. It's amazing what can be fixed.
      GL - Ron
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      Remember a dealer is usually $100/hour labor, and if ALL that (new wheel, bearings, AWD) is being done by the dealer; $5k sounds reasonable considering the dealer's labor rate plus parts plus tax.

      Take Tasca's pricing on parts and ask your dealer to price-match to earn your business. Hopefully that'll save you a pretty penny, but get the cost breakdown from the dealer first before trying that approach.
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      The dealer may be replacing unnecessary parts as well. If you have a stripped collar sleeve (and nothing else) they might replace the angle gear because that was part of the initial diagnoses.

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