1980 Volvo GT 2-door - California car
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      1980 Volvo GT 2-door - California car

      Here is probably one of the cleanest and straightest 1980 Volvo GT’s you will find anywhere. I have tried to provide as many photos as possible, and I would like them to speak for themselves where appropriate. Photos can be seen at https://picasaweb.google.com/docachn...eat=directlink.

      The odometer shows 175,422 miles, which is believed to be accurate The engine was rebuilt in 2003 at 158,000 miles, by a well-known Volvophile/collector in San Jose, CA, who bought it with a blown engine and replaced it with a used B21F short block. I flew to California and drove the car back to Ohio after buying it. Since then, it’s been strictly a summer/hobby vehicle. It needs to go now to make room for our upcoming overall downsizing.

      When I got it, the silver paint was fairly well burned off in most upper body areas (typical ‘80’s silver paint). This was probably also due to the fact that, to the best of my knowledge, this car spent its entire life in California until I bought it. Some material was found in the car when I bought it indicating long-time California residency. I can count on one hand the number of times it’s been on winter roadways since I brought it back East. There is no body rust, and I find precious little surface frame rust underneath, and under the hood. Even the notorious 240 “rust magnet” trunk wells are virtually rust-free !

      The car was repainted in 2006. I would call the color a 99.5 % color match to the factory paint. I have not buffed out the doorjambs, etc., to help blend the old and new paint, but the distinction is minimal. The stripes were added 3 years ago. The Virgo wheels are almost completely without curb rash. The tires are P19560/R15 Hercules Classe Premier radials, with about 80% tread remaining.

      The car was on a California salvage title when I bought it, and is being sold on an Ohio salvage title. The seller also bought it on a salvage title, so he did not know the circumstances of its being declared salvage. However, I’ve had 2 mechanics and 3 body shops look at this car for me before I got it painted. None of us can find any indication of any collision repair, much less major repair. I work in the insurance industry, but I could find no record of a crash involving this car, so I am guessing it may have been totaled out for other than a collision. I do know that a CA car can be put on a salvage title for reasons other than collision damage. Since I find very small glass fragments every now and then when vacuuming the interior, perhaps it was the victim of a major glass vandalism. However, that’s just a guess. I welcome any interested buyer to inspect the car personally, or send your representative. I can’t change the salvage titling situation, I can only be open and honest with you, and you’re welcome to inspect the car to your heart’s content.

      The interior is in simply fabulous condition for a 31-year old car. The black corduroy seats have no tears or burns. The carpet is completely intact and unstained. The door panels are all intact and show no wear. There is an aftermarket dash cover on the dash, which is showing some minor sun cracking.

      The radio is a Sony CDX-CA900X AM/FM/CD player with remote control. On the rear shelf are two 6” x 9” Blaupunkt 3-way speakers; two Sony 5” round speakers are in the front doors. The car is equipped with Hella E-code 7” headlamps, and factory Bosch fogs. Holes are drilled in the top of the front bumper for add-on driving lamps. A blank switch in the dash will accommodate them. (I have a set of clear-lens rectangular Hella driving lights if you’re interested !). lt also has European-style front parking & turn signal lenses.

      Engine starts reliably, runs smoothly. Last time I checked MPG, it was in the 23-25 range highway. Tranny shifts fine; overdrive works every time both in and out. The blower motor runs only on high – probably the FCP Groton replacement blower motor resistor has gone bad (heater core was replaced 4 years ago). The AC worked before the blower motor job, but no longer works. Hopefully it’s merely an under-dash problem (it cooled fairly well when working). One piece of defroster ducting on the driver’s side has slipped loose. I replaced the gauge faces with Dave Barton high-definition faces, but these degraded after about a year. I have other Barton replacements on better quality paper if you want to use them, which actually look better than the first set did when new (see pix). The sunroof is stuck shut, but to date has not leaked. The door pockets are with the car but are not mounted. The car is equipped with cruise control, but my seller was unable to get it working. Also included with the car is a Noah Covercraft car cover from Coast Car Covers, a $325 value, and Clymer and Haynes repair manuals.

      Anybody reading this board knows the GT, and also knows how hard it is quickly becoming to find a straight, clean one. If you are a moderately skilled Volvo hobbyist, this car is a great starting point for putting together a first-class GT. Solid ones with no rust are practically non-existent, and this one is ready for the final personal touches to make it something really special. Because the GT’s are such vehicles of interest to Volvo hobbyists, I am putting the vehicle up for sale on this board and others before putting it on Ebay. After watching a number of these sell over the past 9 months, I am pricing this at $2,375 or best offer.

      Rather than respond through the board, please contact me at schnauzer02(XXX)sbcglobal-dotttt-net (substitute @ for XXX – curse you, spambots !). I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

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      What a beautiful car!!!!!! Good luck with the sale!


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      E-mail crashed !!!!

      SBCGLOBAL e-mail crashed. This and 4 other accounts. Some of you have EM'd me already. Try me at same name, at hotmail.

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      Very cool looking 242! I'm confused about the pictures based on the dates and the license plates. Are any of the pictures from this year?
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      Quote Originally Posted by tbp9f View Post
      Very cool looking 242! I'm confused about the pictures based on the dates and the license plates. Are any of the pictures from this year?
      Somebody else told me the pics had a 2005 date code or something ??? I took them last Sunday afternoon. Don't know why they show 2005.

      If the Picasa album shows 2005, I guess i just need to change it in there.

      I added a couple of pix from 2003 when the seller bought the car in CA and trailered it in. Still shows the CA plates that were on it....

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      EDIT: Due to problems caused by my former e-mail addresses all crashing, the car is now on E-bay. The reserve has already been met -- that means the car WILL SELL this Sunday night at 10:15 PM EST.


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      Wow, beautiful car. Can't believe I missed this one just down the road from me!

      Did the ebay sale go through?
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      i can not seem to find this link to see some pictures of your 242 can you email me some pics
      thank you

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      The date of this thread is almost 1 year ago...FYI, so probably not.
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