850 story and 240 story
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      850 story and 240 story

      Back in 95 I bought a 93 850 5 spd loaded and gave my 85 240 to my daughter for her first car.

      The 850 story started before I actually bought it. I left my 240 w the 850 owner so I could take the 850 to the mechanic for a checkover. (I thought there was something wrong with it since it was too cheap! Turns out the guy was getting divorced and just wanted payoff so as to have nothing left over to split)
      On the way, a 79 yr old woman made an illegal left right in front of my 45 mph path and I had no time to slow. Bam, and it never even stalled. Her Caprice was totalled and my(?) Volvo was $6500+ damaged. I drove it to the body shop and the owner met me there. The deal I made was: if volvo fixes it and says it's golden...we still have a deal. They did and we did.

      Fast forward one year almost to the day, my daughter is driving down US19 near Clearwater, Fl when a 79 year old lady makes an illegal left turn in front of her...... yep, you guessed it, same exact story and my daughter never stalled it (yep, another 5 speed as that's all we tended to buy). Insurance totalled the car and I made $1000 over what I paid. Even with 335k milles on it.
      Nobody significantly injured in either accident.

      Now there was the incident about 6 months after I gave my daughter the car. She was approaching the Howard Franklin bridge from St Pete toward Tampa when she blew the right rear Michelin for no apparent reason. Fishtailed and smacked a sign post with the right rear and spun around landing against the fence on the drivers side. The fence guarding against Tampa Bay! For a 16 yr old this was a wild ride. The trooper that wrote the accident up commended her and wished her well as she drove off.

      Of course we replaced the 240 six months later with.......yep, another 240!

      When my son grew up he got a 740.

      We are a Volvo family, still driving number 10, 11, 12, and 13 in the chapters. None of these have had to offer up their lives for us but I know they would.

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      Wow...what a story!
      2001 Volvo V70 T5 M SR, Classic Red/Graphite Lthr, TME Stage II ECU, 3" Downpipe w/ Cat-back exhaust from MTE, Volvo Roadholding & Lowering Kit w/ Nivomats, 17" PEGASUS, Rear Spoiler, Dolby Surround Sound
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      Glad to hear everyone is well!!!
      '05 S40 T5 AWD 6 Spd - Custom Intake, FMIC & Spray, SMF, S60R Clutch, Muffler
      Delete, Eibach Springs, Corksport RSB, Front LCA Polys, 5mm Front, 20mm Rear, EFocusMnt
      '97 Isuzu Trooper 3.2L 5 Spd - PIAA Headlights, Lowered, Extended Shifter, 4Pt Harness, Plastidip
      '95 Go Kart 1 Spd - Kohler Engine, Mikuni Carb, Big Cam & Stiff Springs, R1 Exhaust

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