1981 Volvo Bertone Coupe 25,000 miles --interest check--
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      1981 Volvo Bertone Coupe 25,000 miles -- back again

      Actual Barn Find and dilemma.

      In rural East Tennessee I have come across a one owner Bertone Coupe that has spent more than 15 years parked in a barn and one year out in the weather. It may be one of the last 10 produced during the last year of the last 200 series Bertone. The original paint is bronze and gold. The actual mileage on this car is 25,000. It ran fine when parked.

      This is good. And, this is bad.

      In an effort to bring it back to life $2,500 has been spend on the fuel and braking systems. There is some minor work still needed and remaining to get it drivable.

      This car must be towed.

      The gorgeous tan Italian leather interior shows no wear (!!) but is covered with white mildew and certainly lacks that new car smell. The carpet is ugly. The dash has two cracks. The original radio is in place and looks like new. All glass is original and as new. The under carriage looks like a southern 25K car should. The exterior's high gloss paint has suffered during the last year from minor scrapes and rubs. There are three or four minor rust bubbles in the typical areas. The engine compartment bares testimony to having been in a dusty environment for more than a decade. Deep tread on the new looking Bridgestone Potenzas (one is flat on the bottom and has a chunk out of the side) on gold cross hatch wheels. Muffler and tail pipe appears to have been replaced.

      Enthusiasts will understand the dilemma this car presents. It deserves to be to be brought back and preserved. It may not be cheap to do so. I do not have the mechanical abilities to do so nor am I sure I want to subject myself to the potential costs associated with PVR B28F ownership (having owned three in the past).

      Someone want to do the sacrilege of putting an American engine in it for me and at what cost? Someone want to buy it for themselves and at what offer?

      I do not own this car. I could. I could also help bring a potential buyer and owner together. The thing I find hard is to just let it waste away. Now that it is no longer stored indoors it will.

      Suggestions, interest or offers related to the car (and not the structure of this posting and/or comments on my English language usage) are welcome.

      This car is about 100 miles away. On my last trip to see it I took a few pictures that are not interesting nor many. They mainly show details of a few of the problem areas. PM me for copies of those if there is serious interest.

      This rare piece of history should not be left to waste away.
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      OMG! Such is life...this sounds exactly what I was looking for back in 2007 when I was looking for a 262c to V8. Everything I found was either too pretty to molest or total rust buckets. So...I molested a 740...no one could complain about that, right? Good luck...I love those cars except for the door panels resembling casket material.

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      Pictures? PRICE?
      Easier to sell when there is real information.
      I'm in e. Tennessee.

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      ...back on the road again

      I believe this Volvo has found a new home (subject to a detail or two) and will be a bookend to a Bertone collection.

      Thanks for the interest.

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      Buyer probably has backed out.

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      This time I believe the rehoming will stick. I hated to have missed out on this car but if I had to I don't think I could have found a better custodian for it.

      For those that wanted pictures:


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