Window noises!
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    Thread: Window noises!

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      Window noises!

      Last edited by Token; 04-24-2012 at 04:02 PM.

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      Yes, take it to the dealer and ask that the windows be adjusted. They are made to be adjustable so that they can be tweaked to the top if it ever falls slightly out of alignment. Just like anything the car will settle in after the first 500 miles or so, so a little movement of stuff is to be expected. It should be like a church inside with the top up. Mine is.

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      The brakes in our '08 and '11 C70s were/are very soft...the XC60 feels like it brakes with more authority. Just have to remember which vehicle I'm in while driving on our 65-70mph 'highways' that have stoplights along the way! There's not a feeling of LACK of braking power, just has to be applied more forcefully in the C70(odd, compared to our XC60 and previous XC70, given the weight of the vehicles). We had warped rotors replaced on our '08 @ ~25K miles and the brakes felt exactly the same with the new rotors...soft but capable when prompted.
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      I had my front rotors replaced on my 08 under warranty at about 35K as well. TBH I only had a slight pulse in the pedal ... very minor, but had just gotten new tires and asked the dealer to check them and the pads.

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      I have the same noise, I can tell is window related but not just the window. It goes away when its lowered or when the window is closed and you hit the up button again. What does the dealer want to fix this? Wich I could figure out how to take the door cover off...

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      I called the dealer today and explained, they had no idea and said to bring it in...

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      Window Rattle

      I finally had my super noisy window looked at. It was not the glass, but the metal supports for the glass. They were loose and needed to be adjusted. No parts required, but $180 in labor. Really nice and quiet again.

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