2001 S80 2.9; Need Transmission Fluid Today!
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      2001 S80 2.9; Need Transmission Fluid Today!

      Hello, I've been a lurker, but decided to post today.

      I have a 2001 S80, 121,000 miles. I had an independent shop rebuild the transmission at 115,000 miles, and the transmission is still under a parts and labor warranty. Unfortunately, that shop is 83 miles away.

      This morning the Transmission Service Required light came on, and I found the fluid was low when the car was running and the transmission was in Park.

      I'm going to go to the shop tomorrow morning, but I need to find some fluid today for the 83 mile drive. It is impossible to find the exact Volvo 1161540-8 gearbox oil at the local auto parts store, but this thread


      suggests that Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle ATF will work.

      Does anyone think it wouldn't? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      That thread is about Aisin Warner transmissions (as found in the 5 cylinder Volvo cars).

      your car has a different transmission than that; your car has the 4 speed GM transmission. Which takes Dexron III or VI ATF.
      note the "don't mix with other oils" warning on the ATF.
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