14th Annual Davis Swap Meet, Car Show and Auto-X 2012
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      14th Annual Davis Swap Meet, Car Show and Auto-X 2012

      14th Annual Davis Swap Meet, Car Show & Auto-X

      April 28th
      Mather Field

      April 29th
      Swap Meet and Car Show
      Davis, CA Central Park Pavilion

      Swap spaces limited get in early if you want a swap space. Additional information has been posted on the website along with registration form. Organizers are working hard to make this the biggest and best event in the history of the Golden Gate Chapter.

      I put out a call for judges and volunteers for Davis earlier today. The Chapter's are trying hard to make this the event of the year, but in order to do so we need volunteers. If you are coming and can offer a bit of time either for the Auto-X or the Car Show and Swap Meet on Sunday we need to hear from you. The more bodies we have the less each of us have to work. Think of it as a Habitat for Humanity Volvo style.

      We want to break some records this year. The record attendance at Davis is about 125 (126 IIRC) cars. Sell out is appx 150 cars. Bring em out and lets have to close the gate to entries. Several sponsors have already committed with lots in store. We also have a Volvo North America Regional Market Manager interested in getting involved, but we need to show him that we can put together a event worthy of their participation. In order to do this we need Volvo owners to come out in force!

      Bring it!
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      It keeps on getting better.

      Mike Dudek is bringing his pristine 30,000 mile P1800 for our display. Bruce Ackerman is bringing his P1800 Race car and will have it on stands with the front clip off. We are still looking for a pristine un adultered 850 wagon or sedan. If you have any P1800 or 850 Racing memorabilia or racing propaganda contact me for adding it to the display.
      New website >>> http://www.yother.com

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      Here is a list of classes this year, bring em out!

      Stock 444/544
      Modified 444/544
      Stock 122
      Modified 122
      Stock P1800
      Modified P1800
      Stock 140 Series
      Modified 140 Series
      Stock 240 Series
      Modified 240 Series
      Stock 700/900 Series
      Modified 700/900 Series
      Stock 850/70 series 1993-2000
      Modified 850/70 series 1993-2000
      Stock S60 V70 C70 series 2001-2009
      Modified S60 V70 C70 series 2001-2009
      Stock XC XC60 XC70 XC90
      Modified XC XC60 XC70 XC90
      Stock 40/50 Series S40 V40 V50
      Modified 40/50 Series S40 V40 V50
      Stock C30
      Modified C30
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      Goodies are starting to show up from sponsors. A box from Meguiar's today, can't wait to see what they sent. IPD, RSI and and iRoll Motors have also expressed they will be sending goodies and sponsoring portions of the meet.
      New website >>> http://www.yother.com

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