Bought the t6 01' a few weeks ago, noticed one day that the clamps didn't seem tight so i took the intake crap off cleaned it and went to put it on, apparently the clamps were bad because as i went to gun the car they blew off and i had to make it home without boost, bought new clamps and didn't blow off anymore however there is like no boost, I've checked for leaks and can't seem to find any!

The car runs fine, no smoke, tranny shifts fine, i have an oil leak that appears to be coming from the back but can't see where at, doesn't appear to be coming from the turbos :/ i read about the TCV and inspected it, hoses are fine as for the valve itself, not sure since there isn't any codes i don't know where to begin. I've noticed that the PCT has a crack, and when i took the clip out it appeared to have oil inside it? How is that even possible? I've never worked on a volvo.