Diesel Flush
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    Thread: Diesel Flush

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      Diesel Flush

      Has anybody tried this


      Wondering if this would solve my possible PCV backup as well as affect my gas mileage. (When changing my rear brakes it turns out the rear pads weren't installed properly and the piston may be stuck; affecting gas mileage); but this "method" above has constantly piqued my curiousity and I'm wondering if anybody has tried this.

      Suspecting the PCV backup as I changed my oil the other day and the oil filter housing was still swimming in oil even after the oil had drained for almost 15-20 min. I did WAY over-torque the filter but I still haven't regained the life I typically do after changing oil. Using Mobil 1 synthetic which she typically loves, just wondering if anybody's ever tried anything other than seafoam for cleaning "interiors"

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      what year is your car? just checking to see if you have the outdated PCV system

      wow it sounds crazy but people seem to be getting good results.. to bad i would never try this unless i needed to put a new motor in the car anyways. Our motors are very different from miatas
      and A4's, so if your willing to do this and put your motor on the line im sure we would all love to hear the results
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      Hhhmmm - Sounds like some breather is plugged up , there shouldn't be Oil in there it should all run right out . Has Your PVC been Up Dated ?
      If not might as well get it done .

      I've heard of all types of cleanings , but I Keep it simple - with system Low , I add Marvel - on a motor that hasn't ever been done 6-8 oz and run around Normally
      ( You could over fill it just a little ) - to Squeeze it in , nothing to Excessive . Say then drive 50-100 miles then Drain and do Normal change Out .
      After the new Oil has gotten Hot add 2 oz. of Syn Lucas Oil Booster - seeing Summer is on the way .

      This should give back some Mpg Improvements , and Not Waste to Much Oil or Diesel .

      I have seen an Older Motors that seem like those needed a Valve Job , and run a qt of Automatic Trans fluid - in it for 500 miles along with a Booster like Lucas
      to get at a Stuck or Plugged Lifters .

      The Rear brakes have been known to have Caliper Issues with the E-brake - Pucks - seems they can get wedged . Lack of Good maintenance or Poor Bleeding
      leaves Water Moister in there - in the Lines to Long . If the Pads were in wrong for quite awhile - it may have screwed up the E-brake area of that Caliper .

      I Think I be temped to Buy New Caliper's for those Rears and Paint them when they come in . Maybe someone else can chime in as to the Unsticking of Those .
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      It sounds like your motor has been taken care of. If you've been using Mobil 1 (or any other synthetic) there's no way you have sludge buildup. (Unless you've gone 50,000 miles between changes). Replace the PVC assembly.
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      Sorry to leave this unattended for the while, been BUSY. Will wait to try something like this until I have the option to pull the motor and replace any seals that could get putzed up in the process. Thinking it could be the PCV and just replace; not sure the previous owner understood or cared about the poor girl as I find new coffee stains/gunk every time I take something apart. It's just obnoxious to find the oil pooling after I have tried to make sure she's well taken care of. The rear brakes will live; the e brake pucks are functional, just the cables a lot worse for the wear; will prolly replace shortly.

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