1974 142 for sale Ottawa, Canada
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      1974 142 for sale Ottawa, Canada

      Hi guys,

      Circumstances have changed for me and I must put my 1974 142 GL up for sale.


      Looking to get around 6k but I'm open to offers!!


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      Wow! Looks very clean. GLWS
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      im not normally a fan of the newer 140s (prefer the 1970 front end), but that looks really really good. great color, love the wheels. wish i had the money to buy it.....

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      Thanks for the kind words, guys. I also have a red '72 142S that could be made into a package deal...


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      Still available- Really open to offers. Will throw in that 72 142S as part of the deal- has all the parts for a manual swap!

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      Still for sale? PM sent.
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      Still for sale and PM replied.


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      I doubt this thread is still active but if you still have the red one I'd be interested in that one.

      I'll send a PM.

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