Clutch slave cylinder
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      Clutch slave cylinder

      My P1800 race car has an FTE slave cylinder from a 740. The hydraulic piston seal is shot. Nowhere can I seem to find this seal. IPD's response was "we don't carry a rebuild kit because it might not hold." Local Volvo dealer is clueless. Autoparts Warehouse cannot help. FTE is an endless pit of phone extension options that ends in voice mail that is not returned. Typical BS. The bore of the cylinder is perfect. I just need the cup seal, not a $100-200 replacement cylinder. Does anyone know of a source? (McMaster Carr does not seem to have one of the correct dimensions.)

      The cylinder bears the part number S6472G. Elsewhere on the body "581" is found. The seal number is FAG H22306 with "30" elsewhere (but it is not 30mm in dia).

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      I can be reached directly at

      Thanks, Jim Perry (

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