Brand new sensus update (V3?)
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      Brand new sensus update (V3?)

      My service manager just informed me about the new Sensus update....ill see what I can figure out.

      Anyone have any info yet?

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      Title Sensus ICM display & functionality improvements Status Released
      Ref No US24915.3.0 en-US Status Date
      Issuer - Issue Date
      Partner 3 US 7510 Volvo Cars North America Reference
      Func Group 3919
      Func Desc miscellaneous
      File Name File Size
      TJ 24915 Toggle.JPG 0.1173 MB
      TJ 24915 Scroll.JPG 0.0171 MB
      TJ 24915 Trip.JPG 0.1104 MB
      TJ 24915 Set dest.JPG 0.0528 MB
      Customer_Card.pdf 0.5478 MB
      TJ 24915 Navi screen.JPG0.0475 MB
      Vehicle Type
      Type Eng
      SalesBody Gear SteerModel Year Plant Chassis range
      Struc Week
      124 2012-2012 0151001-0165000 201120-201219
      134 2011-2012 0000194-0170000 201020-201219
      136 2012-2012 0118001-0146000 201120-201219
      156 2011-2012 0175379-0365000 201046-201219
      CSC Customer Symptom Codes
      FC Audio other/Other audio problems
      XD Audio other/Audio unit display does not work
      Buttons/control knobs on centre console
      (Media, communication and
      navigation)/No/reduced/incorrect function
      7N Navigation/Other navigation problems
      XI Remote control/Does not work
      9S USB unit/Does not work
      DTC Diagnostic Trouble Codes
      ICM = Infotainment Control Module
      CCM = Climate Control Module
      IAM = Integrated Audio Module
      DESCRIPTION: The following can be addressed with new ICM software:
      1. Power button press time functionality (see TJ 24427).
      2. Not applicable to North American market.
      3. USB alphabetical file sorting order possible by pressing the button "2ABC".
      4. USB, CD/DVD-source will be set into PAUSE-mode at incoming call.
      5. Not applicable to North American market.
      6. USB and iPod search functionality by turning the TUNE button and pressing selected character.
      7. ICM showing mother view without any reason.
      8. Cyclic restart of ICM when PAS is engaged less than 5 seconds after start-up.
      9. Black display (see TJ 24912).
      10. Media AUX mode will not incorrectly show "Connect external device to AUX input" text.
      The following improvements have been added to the service software from May 15th, 2012.
      This software is also introduced in production from structure week 201220 (Model Year 2013).
      11. No sound or button function and "frozen display" (see TJ 25549).
      12 & 13. Not applicable to North American market.
      14. Preventing "Hurricane 2000" text instead of bluetooth media streaming text.
      15. Improved HMI (Human Machine Interface) and new functionalities such as:
      - Improved toggle functions. See attachment (TJ 24915 Toggle.JPG).
      - New graphical indications for quick scroll. See attachment (TJ 24915 Scroll.JPG) .
      - FM - Station list, Telephone - Calls/Contacts, USB/iPod/CD - Track list.
      - "Set single destination" has been added for Navigation.
      This deletes destinations in the Itinerary and start guidance immediately.
      See attachment (TJ 24915 Set dest.JPG).
      - "Show fullscreen map" has been added under Map options. The box is unchecked as default.
      See attachment (TJ 24915 Navi screen.JPG).
      - My Car Trip Statistics with average fuel consumption. See attachment ("TJ 24915 Trip.JPG").
      - Maximum volume at start-up decreased to -41dB (approx. 12 steps) if the volume was
      higher than -41dB prior to system shut down and "sleep mode".
      16. Automatic phone syncing- This improvement is part of the IAM software (not the ICM).
      Upgrade the ICM software.
      On vehicles with a structure week between 2010w20-2011w19, the IAM Upgrade will
      be automatically included when ordering an ICM Upgrade. The IAM Upgrade has to be ordered separately for
      all other vehicles.
      If VIDA returns an error when downloading the ICM Upgrade, an ICM Reload should be performed.
      Important Note for Customer Satisfaction:
      To clarify the improvements in point 15 & 16 (above), a copy of the attached "Customer_Card" should be
      given to the customer.
      36004-2 Software control module downloading See VSTG
      To view TJ attachments continue to next page: This TJ has 6 attachments.
      WELCOME TO Volvo Sensus 3.0
      Page 1 Date Issued: 5/11/12
      Access more functions from the steering wheel
      It’s now easier to keep both hands on the steering wheel as you
      go through all of the Sensus menus:
      • Press and hold the Exit button to see a menu for the
      function that you’re currently using.
      - To use that menu, click the thumb scroll wheel and scroll
      to your selection.
      - To access the main menu along the left, just start
      scrolling once you’ve pressed the Exit button.
      • You can now choose phone numbers by using the thumb
      scroll wheel — and you can still answer calls with a quick
      click of that wheel.
      Source button function
      When you press any of the source buttons (RADIO, TEL,
      MEDIA), you now go to the current screen for that function. For
      example, pressing RADIO brings you to a screen that shows
      the current radio station. Press the source button again to open
      the menu for that category and use the thumb scroll wheel or
      OK/MENU knob to make your selections.
      Preset scrolling for Satellite Radio stations
      You can now scroll through the presets for AM, FM, and
      Satellite Radio stations using the arrow keys on the center
      control panel and the steering wheel.
      WHAT’s NEW?
      If you see Trip statistics on the MY CAR menu, we’ve updated your Volvo Sensus software — and you may notice
      some changes that make the system easier for you to use! Here’s a quick summary for you ...
      Automatic phone syncing
      Once phones are paired with Sensus, the system looks for the
      last phone that was connected. If it does not detect that phone,
      it keeps looking for additional paired phones. You won’t need to
      manually change phones as long as the phone is already paired
      with the vehicle. Please note that it may take up to 30 seconds
      for the system to detect the phone, depending on the type
      of phone you have – you don’t need to manually connect the
      phone each time.
      Trip statistics
      You’ll see a new option on your MY CAR menu: Trip statistics.
      This shows the following information for your current trip
      (calculated from the time you start the engine):
      • Miles per gallon.
      • Time.
      • Distance driven.
      Need additional help?
      Call our Customer Care Center at 1 (800) 458-1552 and speak
      with a Volvo Sensus specialist. and, be sure to download the
      Volvo sensus essentials app from the itunes store or the Android
      Marketplace – there’s a new version for Volvo Sensus 3.0
      (available mid-June 2012).
      Do you have Volvo
      Sensus 3.0
      To determine which version of
      Volvo sensus you have, go to the
      MY CAR menu. If you see trip
      statistics on the menu, you have
      sensus 3.0. If you do not see trip
      statistics as an option, you have
      sensus 2.0.
      WELCOME TO Volvo Sensus 3.0
      Page 2 Date Issued: 5/11/12
      There are also updates for Volvo sensus vehicles equipped with
      the optional Volvo Navigation system with Voice Control and
      Real-time traffic.
      Navigation menus
      There are now two menus to choose from. Access the main menu
      by holding in the Exit button and then scrolling to the Navigation
      icon or by pressing the NAV button on the center control panel
      twice. You’ll see options for:
      • Start Navigation.
      • Set address.
      • Set point of interest.
      • Previous destinations.
      • Traffic events ahead.
      • Cancel guidance.
      You’ll still find a second Navigation menu by pressing the OK/
      MENU button when in the map view. Here, you’ll see options for:
      • Repeat voice guidance.
      • Set destination.
      • Route details.
      • Traffic information.
      • Current position.
      • Settings.
      • Pause/Resume guidance.
      NAV button function
      You can now press the NAV button twice to access the main
      navigation menu. The first press opens the map view; the second
      press brings up the menu.
      Canceling navigation
      The new main menu allows you to cancel navigation right from
      the first screen. You can still cancel it using voice commands —
      simply press the voice control button on the steering wheel, say
      “navigation,” and then say “cancel guidance.”
      Making adjustments while driving
      You can now adjust navigation functions while the vehicle is
      moving, including setting a new destination!
      Set single destination
      A new “Set single destination” option deletes previous
      destinations in the itinerary and starts guidance immediately.
      You can also set a new stop along the route by choosing to
      “Add waypoint.”
      OK/MENU knob and
      EXIT button
      Center control panel
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      You’ll see a new option on your MY CAR menu: Trip statistics.
      This shows the following information for your current trip
      (calculated from the time you start the engine):
      • Miles per gallon.
      • Time.
      • Distance driven.
      This is awesome! I was hoping they would see the value in a 'current' trip feature! Love the addition of time and distance. One big step closer to the VW/Audi trip computer perfection! Looks like a very nice set of improvements! Just wonder what I have to complain about to get this update.
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      Is this another secret updated that needs to be requested based upon symptoms, or will it be applied at the next S&S Service??
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      Will this apply to all Sensus equipped models (aka my XC60)? Couple of nice features and decent fixes in that list. Of course I might have liked an update like "Navigation: more street names shown", but I'll take what I can get. Interesting that this is referred to as Sensus 3.0. Much like most software releases, there are interim patches and updates and when they get enough of them they are bundled together and a "full version" is released. Glad to see Volvo is doign this and I hope they CONTINUE so existing owners don't feel abandoned at any point.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Roadstan View Post
      Is this another secret updated that needs to be requested based upon symptoms, or will it be applied at the next S&S Service??
      >On vehicles with a structure week between 2010w20-2011w19, the IAM Upgrade will
      >be automatically included when ordering an ICM Upgrade. The IAM Upgrade has to be ordered separately for
      >all other vehicles.

      I think it is more likely a dealer would do the ICM update at every service (Information Control Module -- that is the
      basic car systems). In the past, you had to ask for the audio system update (IAM). Sounds like it is now a targeted
      bundle. I would still mention "I'm looking forward to the new Sensus features like Trip Statistics" when you go over the
      work with the service writer.

      It also mentions there is a card to hand to the customer documenting some of the new features. Probably the
      info under "WELCOME TO Volvo Sensus 3.0".
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      This looks cool. I can't wait till the Sensus 4.0 though when they also upgrade the gauge cluster to the one in the V40 free of charge! :P
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      The customer card also makes mention of the new "Volvo Sensus Essentials" app for iPhone. I just downloaded it and it seems like more of a reference guide. It does have a shortcut to dialing Volvo Customer Care which is nice; how many folks know to track down this number in the manual! It Also has a nice search function to help find a particular feature.

      I'll have to have my S60 updated next time I'm in for service. I see they are finally fixing the "Hurricane 2000" text that seems to pop up when my phone looses reception. That was an annoying and confusing bug to be sure.

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      Volvo offers cooled/ventilated seats? Never knew that.

      Finally a proper trip computer.
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      Anyone know if Sensus 3.0 can be applied to cars that don't have NAV?
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      Does any one know if this Sensus 3.0 is available in Australia?

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      Yes, this update should work for any car with the 7" display. The Nav app works a bit like a second program and this update was to the core Sensus system. There's not one single version number that indicates Sensus 3.0, but if you can access the Trip Computer under My Car, then you are running 3.0.

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      Hmm, thanks. I reviewed some youtube videos on Sensus 3.0 and it looks like a worthy upgrade. Some minor UI changes that would make it less annoying, plus the trip computer is cool....I can pretend to be a Prius!
      2011 Volvo S60 T6 AWD, Flamenco Red / Beechwood / Urbane / PCC / WITH driver's lumbar adjustment!

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