1983 Volvo 242 Turbo - National Show Winner
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      Cool 1983 242 Turbo Nat'l Show Winner REDUCED PRICE!

      Due to an upcoming move I am selling my 1983 fully restored 242 Turbo. This car is a multiple show winner and looks and drives great. Last big trip was to the 2011 VCOA National Event in Lindsborg, Kansas having traveled from Kansas City to Lindsborg, Kansas and winning 1st place in the 240 class. The modifications are too extensive to list in full but here are a few highlights.

      New Paint - show quality.
      Rebuilt engine, wiring harness, fuel system
      IPD Sport Suspension
      Excellent Interior, fresh seat rebuild and interior parts sourced from 4 states
      18" S60R wheels with custom Wheel Centric and Hub Centric Spacers - Spacers cost more than the wheels!
      New Toyo Tires

      Original Price - $12,500 I am now asking $10,000 which is much less than my investment.

      Contact me at bt242t@live.com

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      beautiful car. One of the cleanest 242's I've seen in a long time. Where are you located? Any performance modifications to the engine/trans? May want to take the time to write out a list of the major things done to it, to avoid getting a ton of emails asking the same questions. Good luck with the sale.
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      Thanks for the reply. The engine and trans are stock. I live in the Kansas City area and am a member of the Heart of America chapter of the VCOA. What has been done to the car were major undertakings and my goal was to do those things right and then at some point I wanted to do a major engine build and big brake kit. I have hundreds of photos including what we started with and receipts for serious buyers to review.

      But briefly...
      IPD Sport Spring Kit - lowered car but still rides great
      Replaced Fuel Tank, Filter, Fuel Pump and Accumulator
      Rear Main Seal
      New Wire Harness
      Manifold Gaskets
      Hoses and Inlets replaced
      Optima Battery
      Distributor Cap, Ignition Cable set, Rotor
      Complete Paint including mirrors, bumpers, Paintless dent removal where possible and metal replacement in two areas of rust. Show quality paint
      Custom Wheel spacers made for hub and wheel specifications
      18" Volvo S60R Pegasus Wheels
      40 Series Toyo Tires
      Replaced Door and Rear and Dash Panels
      Alpine IPOD Head Unit and Alarm System
      Rebuilt Seats and Recovered
      Where needed - all Exterior and Interior Trim Parts have been sourced from "Retired" Volvo's across the midwest

      This car has Won National VCOA Events in 2009 in Tulsa Oklahoma, 2010 in Kansas City and 2011 in Lindsborg, Kansas and 2009 and 2010 Won Best of Show Award for "Volvo with Attitude.
      The best awards however is when we go to this big show in KC where we put this car up against all makes of cars (including Corvette's, Mustangs, etc) in the 1979 - 1989 class and it won the class in 2009 and 2011 and took 2nd in 2010. Fun to see the faces of those cars owners when a "Volvo" beats them - lol.

      Hope this helps!!

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      Do you still have the Car? I am interested.

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