Kids seat in back of C70??? Will it fit
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      Kids seat in back of C70??? Will it fit

      My wife and I have an S70 which we really enjoy. We're looking to replace out worn out VW Golf and are thinking of a car that woudl be somewhat practical/safe but also fun.

      We have looked at a couple of C70 convertibles and like them. The trunk is kind of small, and the back seat will only hold two people, but the back seats are quite large for a convertible. We only have one small child, and for short trips around town, or even smal family outings (2 hour drives) or overnight trips, we figure we can fit most of our things in the trunk (and maybe spill over a bag or twointo the spare back seat).

      The car woudl be safe, and with the top down, it woudl be a ton of fun. I was just wondering if any of you have tried to put a childs car seat, or booster seat, into the back of a C70 convertible and how will it fit??

      I know a 4 door would be more practical, which we already have...but as a second "fun" car that can double duty as a family car, we wondered if maybe a C70 convertible woudl be a nice addition??

      any thoughts??

      i've seen nice 2000 models go for around $25k, which isn't too bad, considering the car was probably $45-50kout the door new.

      any suggestions on what to look for when buying?

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      Re: Kids seat in back of C70??? Will it fit (23109VC)

      The next time you look at one bring a child set with you. If they want you to buy the car they'll let you try and fit a child set in it. Good luck!
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      Re: Kids seat in back of C70??? Will it fit (23109VC)

      I'm sure Volvo child booster seat will fit in the C70 conv. Not so sure about a regular car seat; hear is a link to Volvo's site:
      And I definately would go for the C70 as a second FUN car; get the HPT version and you'll be happy!!

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      Re: Kids seat in back of C70??? Will it fit (23109VC)

      just to add, the people I bought my C70 coupe from were selling it mostly because of their kid. They were tired of trying to get the kid in and out of the childseat that was in the back...

      Just my 0,02 cents

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      Re: Kids seat in back of C70??? Will it fit (23109VC)

      I own a 1998 C70 Coupe and Conv. A regular child car seat fits in the back
      seat of both cars. If you don't mind moving the front seat forward everytime you have to put your child in or out. Might be a bit of a squeez for a tall or a larger person though.

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      Re: Kids seat in back of C70??? Will it fit (Rocco C)

      I have a 5th seatbelt in the middle of the backseat in my coupé... previous owners used it also for a childseat...

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      Re: Kids seat in back of C70??? Will it fit (23109VC)

      I had a child seat in my 98 C70 before I wrecked it. I thought that I was going to have to get rid of it when my son was born last year because of the 2 door thing. But to my amazement there really is a lot of room in the back for a seat. I used an evenflo triumph seat and my son seemed to like riding in my car as supposed to the Jeep suv. The only set back was getting out with the baby. It was a little tight fit for me and the baby at the same time. But not enough of a hassle for me to get rid of the car that I loved driving!


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      Re: Kids seat in back of C70??? Will it fit (BenES)

      RE the 5th seatbelt, I would like to put one in my car. A few questions...

      1. Is it a three point belt?
      2. Did you use Volvo parts? If so got part numbers?



      2004 V70R MT Gobi 149k. Sorely missed 2000 C70HPT Coupe Black totaled (Lesson: never let !ANYONE! drive your car). Along the way owned 2005 XC90, 1998v70, 1995 850 wagon (great car!), 940, 740, 92ish 240 and 75 245, 73 1800ES, 71 1800E, 67 1800S (most favorite 1800, great car!), 61 544 (tank!).

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      Re: Kids seat in back of C70???

      I have a 2000 coupe and both a car seat and a booster seat worked fine.

      The problem is the glacially slow seat motors. That plus the fact that it takes two hands to move the seat forward and if kids are involved, I rarely have two hands free!!!

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      kids in the back of a convertible

      I thought my kids (teenagers) would love riding in the back,
      but they don't. too windy. I still like my car, and I'm glad I have
      a nice size back seat, but riding in the back with the top down
      is really rough in the wind at any speed over 30mph or so.

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      Re: kids in the back of a convertible (croussel)

      Boosters fit fine in the C70. The backbreaker is those infant seats. If the child is old enough to hop in and belt themselves it gets very easy.

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      Re: kids in the back of a convertible (CRB)

      I have an '01 C70 coupe and my lease is up in May and I'm getting rid of this in favor of the S60 because of the child seat. I pick my kid up 2-3x per week with the car seat in the back behind the passenger seat.....let me tell you it's a real pain!!! It is very uncomfortable and let me say dangerous if there's ice on the ground as there is now and I'm standing bent over trying to buckle in my 14 month old son in the back. I realize the S60 actually has less room in the back compared to my C70 but it's mainly just me and my kid riding in the car anyway....I do love the C70 and it's been a great car...but with kids I think you must have a 4 door car and the S60 is the perfect blend for me.
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      The C70 has more room than many sedans (including the M3 sedans). The seats fit fine as long as its a booster. Car seats are another story. The seat belt slips so you need to use the locking clip that comes with the car seat. This is a real pain because the seatbelts come out from the middle instead of the outside like most cars (you can't get your hands in there to latch it easily and lock the clip on the belt so it is tight).

      The only other question you have to ask yourself is can you deal with the slow seats. I only use mine every couple of days so it's not a concern.

      I do recommend buying a vinyl fold up statium seat to put under it. It saves the leather from the seat.

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