Rain water leaking in through heating ducts
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      Rain water leaking in through heating ducts

      Hi all,
      I have an S40 T5 2005, and recently after a rain storm I have noticed standing water in the rear seat drivers side floorboard. When I turned my heat on today at full blast, I felt bubbling with my feet coming from front drivers floor board, then I heard and saw the water coming out of the rear floor heat duct (directly below drivers seat)...

      Does anyone know where the air duct under the drivers seat leads too? I assume the duct goes underneath the drivers floorboard, to the firewall somewhere? Trying to find out where the water is coming in...


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      If you have a sunroof that is almost certainly the source of your water. Look at the many threads on this issue. In short you need to clean the drains, make sure the piping is attached properly & then replace the rubber ends with updated parts. Pull carpets & dry out the car.
      Nothing too technical but it is labor intensive.

      No sunroof? Check the drains in your cowl. They will be clogged with old leaves, etc.

      Check "Common Issues" in the stickies.
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      Thanks pczeilon. I didn't realize this would be such a common problem, so didn't even think to search.

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      Just beware if it happens on the passenger side there could be another culprite. The AC drain plug, it can selfrelease and dump condensate into the compartment. Will give the excact same sympthoms. The bubbly from the duct under seat is from the duct itself beeing submerged.

      After you have dried the car, I recommend one of these ac cleaners. A can you put inside the car, open it to full whilst having full blast on ac with recirc on and windows closed.. It will kill off most living organisms in your vent ducts, mould etc..
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      When were the rubber elbows updated? Are there any model years that don't have the sunroof issues anymore?

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