VOLVO for sale 1971 1800E Canada $30,000US firm 04/2013.
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      VOLVO for sale 1971 1800E Canada $30,000US firm 04/2013.

      (Posted for seller - will be edited as needed by gdill2)
      VOLVO for sale 1971 1800E Canada $30,000US firm 04/2013.

      1971 Volvo 1800E, a beautiful car, low mileage (documented – under 12,000 miles).
      Originally from Snoqualmie, WA. I call it "a piece of time". I am the second owner.
      -Picked up at Factory in Sweden
      -Golden Tan/Tan Interior
      -Blaupunkt Radio
      -Original Ampex tape deck
      -German Carpets over original carpets
      -Original Tire as Spare Tire (had tires changed to drive to Saskatchewan)
      -Converted to Electronic Ignition
      -All Glass is 100% OK
      -Custom Car Cover
      -Comes with Complete Rubber Gasket Kit and (4) Extra Beauty Rings for mags.
      -USD$30,000.00 firm.
      I am moving to Mexico and am parting with my "toys".

      Al Goodmundson

      Phone Canada 306-66X-7260 work/home 306-3X3-9798 (X=4).

      norsequip at sasktel dot net

      Pictures at


      From my email:
      I checked the Odometer. Mileage is 10,450 miles. VIN # 184353036711.
      I thought of contacting the Volvo Plant in Sweden to see if they would be interested.
      This car is crying out for a Good Home.
      Thanks again for your help on this.
      I'm sending more Photos in next mail.
      Best Regards,
      Al Goodmundson
      (pics added to above link)

      George Dill
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      You need this guy to get you some more of, better, larger and sharper pictures of this
      Email: jrl1194(at)
      If the subject is car purchase related please use jrl1194(at)
      2007 V70 2.5T White/Oak 108K miles, new daily driver
      2000 V70R wife's. Won't sell, now near 141,000 miles and still near perfect!
      2000 S70 GLT SE 30,005 MILES, A time capsule! JUST SOLD.

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