Rear power folding headrest won't fold
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      Rear power folding headrest won't fold

      So I sold my old 01 t5 auto and bought another 01t5 but manual. And the new manual didn't come equipped with power fold rear headrests. No button or mechs. Lucky the interior on each car was the same. So I swapped the rear seats and the climate control with the headrest button. Aswell as added a fuse 10/15 to spot (7) on the rear fuse box. And aswell as the relay.
      With the old auto t5 the headrest would fold down every time after hitting the button while the key was on. I can now only sometime activate these on the new one. Some times I'll have to hold the button while turning the key. Now recently it has completely stopped working. Checked fuses and also swapped the relay.
      Not sure where to go from here. Thanks

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      No ones had this issue?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Macneil414 View Post
      No ones had this issue?

      I just purchased a 2002 Volvo S60. The rear headrests were down when I purchased it. I pushed them back up, but now I cannot get them to fold back down. I have the button on the center console, so I assume they are electric? Pushing the button seems to do nothing. I have checked the fuse and the relay, but still nothing. They were down, so I assume it was working before?????!!!!??!

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