Grinding/rubbing noise when turning sharp?
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      Grinding/rubbing noise when turning sharp?

      I only have 4000 miles so what gives? Worse in reverse! Sounds like crap. Any ideas? Car goes in Thursday.

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      Re: Grinding/rubbing noise when turning sharp? (2 Audi Lemons)

      snowtires? At lock? Look for rub marks within fender wells

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      No snows. At full lock. Hit some object in road about 3 weeks ago and they replaced the rim and tire. Said everything else was ok.

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      Re: (2 Audi Lemons)

      PS fluid low?

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      I had this on my old T5 - never bothered to get it fixed as was trading in - be interesting to hear what the fault is

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      Re: Grinding/rubbing noise when turning sharp? (2 Audi Lemons)

      Quote, originally posted by 2 Audi Lemons »
      I only have 4000 miles so what gives? Worse in reverse! Sounds like crap. Any ideas? Car goes in Thursday.

      The R's rub at full lock, usually going left - at least mine does. I think that's just they way the car is "designed".

      2004 Ti/NK V70r 6MT, currently 83k miles -- SOLD!

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      Re: Grinding/rubbing noise when turning sharp? (2 Audi Lemons)

      i have the same problem, only at full lock going left, i bought it into the dealer told them and they said it was the internal module, and replaced the control module...only problem the same noise is still there...bringing the car to them tommorrow...good luck...

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      Friend of mine just put on the HEICO spacers.
      Now, no rub, fantastic.

      He and I both have the Evolve springs, which significantly increased the rub, so spacers needed.

      Unfortunately the Heico spacers are wicked expensive. Friend paid 276 Euro for set.

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      what do the spacers do - dont tell me reduce the lock cause that would not help the R

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      Re: Grinding/rubbing noise when turning sharp? (2 Audi Lemons)

      I have the same problem when turning right but not left. It started happening around 9K miles. I just got my car out of the shop and the service rep said that most Volvos do this. He said they are designed for the wheels to just barely fit so they look better in the wheel well but the negative to this is they rub when turned all the way.

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      Re: Grinding/rubbing noise when turning sharp? (Austin-V70R)

      I am the friend Britspeed is talking about above.

      My spacers are 10mm each wheel and thus increase the track a total of 20mm. Upon further research they are made by "eibach", part #9121001231N03 for both front and back. Bolt pattern is 108mm by 5 and center bore is 65mm. Basically these are round metal discs that go between the wheel and hub thus moving the wheel away from the inside of the wheel well eliminating the rub.

      Mine rubbed a little before installing the "Evolve lowering springs" and a lot more after. Now their is no rubbing at all under normal driving!!!! I was able to force it to rub when test driving by going in a left hand circle at 10 to 15 mph, then turning the wheels sharply to the left. It sounded like an outside rub !!! My car was also loaded because we were in the middle of a road trip !!! This situation would not be encountered in normal driving !!!

      Two things, installing spacers also requires longer wheel bolts and wheel bolt locks if you have these installed. Overall, very happy with the result.

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      My R rubs too. Mostly on lefts. Most R's do and so do s60's with 235's. Supposedly the car was built for 225's and marketing guys at last minute put on 235's. So you will get some rubbing. It sounds worse then it is. It is only rubbing inner plastic fender well and wont hurt it or tire.
      dealer can install new limiters on rack,but then you lose even a tad more turning radius,or you can space out steering stops with a washer so that it stops your turning slightly sooner,no more rub.
      I say just leavce it as is.

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