AOC Oil Pump Failure Check-In
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      AOC Oil Pump Failure Check-In

      I just got mine replaced. "Active Ondemand Coupling" Oil Pump for the AWD.

      I was in FWD mode for more miles than I'd like to discuss, but this seems to specifically be an issue with R-Design S60's and I want to discuss that..

      Who else is in this boat? It's not something that needs to be immediately repaired as the AWD will be fine disabled for thousands of miles, but annoying none the less when you have 350 ft-lbs+ of turbo torque to put down

      - Symptoms show in the signs of excessive wheel spin, usually before any warning messages
      You should not have any, the AWD and DTSC system is instantly fast at redirecting torque from the front to the back or any of the 4 wheels with braking
      - Eventually, the AWD Disabled message will show
      - Much better MPG
      - Feeling of more power as AWD is not contributing to parasitic load anymore

      Independent shop repair cost $550 (labor/part was half and half nearly)

      Only mechanical problem in 84k mi/2yrs with a lead foot? Priceless
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      Just had mine replaced under warranty.

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      Bad in my 2006 XC70, there is a filter that clogs
      2016 Passion Red/Off-black S60 T5 R-Design
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      My friend's 2013 XC60 T6 had the same failure at a relatively young mileage (20-30K).
      2013 XC60 T6 AWD

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