SOLD: '06 S60 R / Black Sapphire Metallic / Atacama / M66
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      SOLD: '06 S60 R / Black Sapphire Metallic / Atacama / M66

      Last edited by clamjuice; 03-21-2017 at 12:44 PM. Reason: Posting as SOLD.

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      Oh yah..

      The MOOSE MAGNETS are included!

      That's an extra 5HP right there!

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      I've been asked by a few members If I'd consider a part out.

      I am considering this option at this time....I'm just trying to avoid it at all costs due to IT WILL PHYSICALLY KILL ME! LOL

      If I don't sell within a reasonable amount of time I will part it out..

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      Transmission Details Updated..

      New/Used Tranny
      New Clutch
      New Angle Gear
      New Throw Out Bearing, Slave

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      1 month bump....lowered price.

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      Bump.....lowered price....OBO

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      Hey There, I saw your car by the Ross parking lot, looked great and sounded awesome!

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      if you're ever looking to sell just the wheels, hit me up!

      Gorgeous looking car tho! BUMP for the sale!

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      2005 s40 t5 AWD.. LS swap, turbosupermegacharged, 1857 hp to the windshield. etc etc etc

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      After DOUBLE HIP REPLACEMENT I'm actively selling my R again.

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      Price updated...

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      Updated again.......alternative price that excludes wheels tires and DP.

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      Thanks brother. You have maintained yours as well. Looks great stock.
      Last edited by clamjuice; 03-04-2017 at 07:10 PM.

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      You could actually buy the same wheel " painted black". I opted to go with the silver wheel and have them Powdercoated. It's easier to maintain and looks a tad better imho.

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      Congrats on the sale and congrats to the buyer.
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      Quote Originally Posted by R-Pow3R3d View Post
      Congrats on the sale and congrats to the buyer.

      It was hard to let her go....but half the fun is building them...

      Thank you to all who run the Forums and giving us the opportunity to share the Swede Love!

      On to the next project and dump more money.....because that's just what I do! LoL. *Im thinking C30

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