Looking for Advice Re Turbo Engine in 2006 XC 90 AWD
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      Exclamation Looking for Advice Re Turbo Engine in 2006 XC 90 AWD

      Hi all!

      I'm new to these boards, and would appreciate some advice from you Volvo veterans. Recently, I brought my 2006 XC 90 AWD (103,000 miles) in for a service (standard 105,000). The car has a really good service history and was under warranty until 100,000 miles. Last year, the mechanic, who is a Volvo specialist had me replace radiator and service to the tune of $2700 (I didn't realize the car was still under warranty and forked it out); this year the brake pads and battery to the tune of $1600. In short, the car was working great when we brought it in -- I just wanted a normal service because we were planning on driving to Tahoe and wanted the security of knowing everything was running well. So, I pick up the car and bring it home after service. In my first drive after taking the car home (on the way to Tahoe), "low oil pressure light" goes off -- the car is also making a weird whirring sound and having trouble accelerating beyond 40 MPH. As a reminder, I've never experienced any of these problems with the car. No Volvo specialists were open, so I stopped at a Jiffy Lube to check the oil. The attendant there checked the oil and informed me that the mechanic who had serviced my car had overfilled the oil by 2 quarts. He drained it to the correct fill line (I saw the dip stick with my own two eyes) and off we went on our journey. About 10 minutes later, whirring sound starts kicking in and huge amounts of exhaust come billowing out of the car for the first time in its entire history. We pull off and have car towed to same mechanic. After some back and forth (including sharing my service records with him), he tells me the turbo needs to be replaced due to "Normal Wear and Tear" to the tune of $3800. He would take no responsibility for the overfill of oil. I've called several Volvo dealers and they all think the timing of this is suspicious and that they almost never have to replace turbo engines with this car -- one dealership had never had to do it at all. I've since moved the car to the dealer's service station -- the dealer price to fix the turbo is $1000 less than the mechanic, which strikes me as odd.

      One more thing, when we had the car serviced at this mechanic at 97,500 miles, he told me the brake pads had 90% life in them. This year, at 103,000 miles, he told me the brake pads should be replaced and have less than 30% life in them. Small, but is that normal?

      What are your thoughts, specifically about the turbo? And, should you find the circumstances as suspicious as I do, do you have any suggestions for next steps? I've already written everything down and reported to the Bureau of Automotive Repairs.
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      Ouch. Independent sounds over-priced. I'm not familiar with the engine
      so won't comment further. But, just wanted to bring to your attention
      repairs done after warranty by a dealer are "guaranteed for life" (assuming your
      are in the U.S.):


      You might ask the dealer about the above, just to confirm.
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      I would find another independent shop. Not sure if those prices are the norm but a brake job and battery for $1600?? Same with the radiator for $2700??

      is this the 2.5t model? Never heard of a turbo going out unless it is raced or abused. And $3800 for a turbo replacement is wayyyy too much! Seriously find another shop that has good reviews.
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      When you had the $2700 radiator done, did he change the timing belt and service the PCV? Those are supposed to be done around 100,000 or 110,000.

      Also, you may want to have list the engine in your signature, and often putting a general location in the text may bring out a local who can help.

      Welcome to the forum
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      Thanks here for the responses. We are in San Francisco. Had the turbo replaced by the dealer for roughly the same price, after we had to have the exhaust pulled out and hung for nearly a week to get all the oil out -- the car is now driveable, although we still need to drive it more to get the smoke out and the check engine light is now on. Turns out the independent specialist put in 8.5 quarts of oil -- instead of the volvo recommendation of approximately 6 quarts.

      The shop refuses to take any responsibility, saying the whole thing is a coincidence and I haven't been able to find someone willing to tie the events together in any official capacity (although many are willing to state casually over the phone that the whole thing is suspicious and turbos almost never go out as normal wear and tear).

      Anyone in the San Francisco area willing to help us connect the overfilling of 2.5 quarts of oil to the subsequent problems we experienced on our first highway drive after the service?


      06 XC 90 T5 AWD

      (thanks for the reco about putting in engine, Tom)

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      Hi there. Engine is 06 XC 90 T5 AWD. Any thoughts?

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      Lots of folks with 2.5T over on the S60 and XC70 forums, might want to cross post if someone does not have a response.

      You can put your information on your vehicle, go to "Settings", then "Edit Signature". Trying a cross link, see if it works http://forums.swedespeed.com/profile...=editsignature, then you pretty much never have to do it again.

      Interesting problem, please write up how it ends up.
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