S80 2001 Dash message "Transmission Service Urgent"
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      S80 2001 Dash message "Transmission Service Urgent"

      This message came on yesterday , my volvo has 53000 miles. I checked the transmission fluid, the color, smell and levels look great. The car seems to run fine, the transmission seems to be functioning normal.

      What would make this message appear?

      How can I remove this message from the display? I have already tried a reset by putting the ignition key into position I, push in and hold the odometer reset button (use your left hand), move the ignition key to position II, when the service light begins to blink,let go of the odometer reset button. It didn't work.



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      Re: S80 2001 Dash message "Transmission Service Urgent" (jwstephens2002)

      I got this message too but the difference is, my car intermittently did not shift into fourth gear. To make a long story short, my transmission needs to be replaced and I was advised that they only replace with re-manufactured ones (my car has only 3,900mi.). I have a few posts here in the S80 forum and in the General FWD about my whole experience. Take a look and good luck to you.

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      Re: S80 2001 Dash message "Transmission Service Urgent" (jwstephens2002)

      Take the car into a dealer or independant that has VADIS/VIDA and have the codes read, so you know what cause the message to appear.

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