EVAP purge valve location on 3.2
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      EVAP purge valve location on 3.2

      Hi can someone tell me where the EVAP purge valve is on the 3.2 (2008). I have seen some diagrams that say it is on the radiator fan housing on some xc90s but I took a quick look and didn't see it. Thanks

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      It should be on the intake manifold (below the plenum) attached to a rubber "bracket" on the side nearest the alternator. There is an electrical connector to it, a short rubber hose and a hard(ish) plastic hose going into it.
      2007 S40 T5

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      update, I ordered part off amazon for $50 and installed on sunday. i cleared check engine light and it has stayed off (before when I cleared it would come right back on within hours). It was basically an educated guess that this part was the cause of my check engine light (code for large evap system leak), after I eliminated the gas cap as source, and did a cursory check under car and saw no obvious torn hoses in the evap system. It was not easy to replace because the a/c metal piping is in the way. I took off the air intake snorkel to reach the valve but there is very little room to work (i had to use hose gripping pliers to get the lower hose on/off). I also had to reuse my old rubber piece that connects to bracket because the one on the new part had a much smaller opening and was clearly designed for a much smaller bracket.

      thanks for the help.

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