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      Quote Originally Posted by DeanH View Post
      really? Connect me with those guys if you can.

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      Ha! Denton was one of the guys I was going to mention.

      Winnebago ('98 V70 T5m), Skywolf ('06 XC70, '13 XC70), Nurse Ratchet (Civic but fantasizing about owning a Volvo), jppetersonatl ('03 XC70), Mister850 ('96 854), bob82pigdog ('98 V70 T5m)....they are all in your area. MyNameIdeasWereTaken ('08 C30 T5, '06 V50 T5) and yellow95 (who knows what he has these days, he's had like 30 Volvos) are also not too far away. I'm sure there are others that I'm not remembering as well.

      Are you gonna put that rear wing back on? I'll gladly take it off your hands if not! Partial trade for fog light? I found it while getting everything up off the basement floor in preparation for potentially getting flooded tomorrow . I'll shoot some pics of the light tonight or tomorrow if I have electricity lol. Negative on the bumper grille, however....I think I have an idea where it is if I actually have it still but I won't have a chance to dig through there until after this storm passes.

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      Only reason the wing didn't go back on is because it was super dirty underneath, have to put it back on it completes the look! Email me about the fog.

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      Good luck with the sale!
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      Not sure if you've done the PCV yet, but if you are interested I have everything necessary for this AND the big bore manifold/tb swap up for sale, I'd cut you a great deal. Thats a great looking R, always loved the red ones (bonus, the big bore manifold stuff comes painted red and black with matching "engine dress up" pieces...spark plug cover in red, tb linkage cover in red...)

      Good luck with the resurrection, subbed on this one :thumbsup:
      2004 XC70: WanderWagen, Part 2

      Project: WanderWagen Reborn {GONE}

      If only Volvo would have included a check wallet light in the cluster...

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