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      Quote Originally Posted by GoldieRT View Post
      Awww, he's unwilling to ship
      Any chance there's a volvo enthusiast convoy taking place from CT any time soon that would be willing to move some wheels?
      I'll be making a trip from Kutztown PA up to Bangor ME in about 4 weeks (April 18-19). I will gladly bring them back to my area with me the following week if you would like. I could either meet you somewhere in MD or you are welcome to pick up here (I don't travel anywhere near D.C. if I can help it, can't seem to avoid traffic camera tickets anytime Im there, and I don't speed...)

      Thanks for doing the carfax reports! You have one incoming from me for this xc90 I'm looking at
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      If only Volvo would have included a check wallet light in the cluster...

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      Thanks to all that assisted with my wheel hunt. I picked up the car and the installed tires were so bad I just ordered new tires to be shipped to my wheel reconditioning guy. Pricier overall but I'd never pass inspection as-is.
      Elevated '12 C30 R-design, getting some TLC
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      Thanks for offering this.....PM Sent!
      2004 S60R Ti/Nordkap GT

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      PM sent, tia,
      2004 V70 2.5T awd 16T / 2011 535i / 2008 Bandit 1250SA / 2000 Tacoma TRD

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      Quote Originally Posted by GoldieRT View Post
      Hi all, I signed up for the 60 day unlimited pass during my hunt for the next car (which turns out to be a C30 R-design).

      If you're buying or selling on here and would like a carfax, please PM me the plate # and state.

      Sorry, I know this isn't a for sale thread, just figured it was most relevant here.

      Disregard the below, no longer needed:
      **since this thing is getting so much attention, if anyone knows where I can find reasonably-priced 18" Midirs for this C30 I'm buying, that'd be swell!
      Hi Goldie

      Thanks for offering this. Can you run this Vin for me. I am in Canada looking to buy a car that was a US car at one point. So I dont have the actually plate and state it was registered to.


      Thanks for your help

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      YV1RH592592739975 got to be fast, any way you can pull this for me?
      Thanks Patrick
      05 XC70 Snabb FMIC, ESTdownpipe and exhaust, 16T turbo, new blue knights (Green giant replacements), 17" Pegs, S60 AWD springs, Contrast stage 3 tune, Nordkap interior, R Brembo brakes, IPD strut brace and rear toe bar, 850 radio
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