Troubles Coding a CCM Module in an XC70
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      Troubles Coding a CCM Module in an XC70


      To start out the car was brought in and diagnosed with a CCM that was not communicating in a 2001 XC70 AWD. We bought a new CCM Module (the entire HVAC unit is the module ) and have attempted to code the module but have failed. We are using VIDA with a J2534 and downloaded the CCM Upgrade software package from Volvo (Volvo only offers their upgraded the CCM therefore you must use the upgraded software package). When we go to download the CCM software to the vehicle, the progress gets to 60% and then fails with error code "Download to vehicle has failed". We have confirmed the CAN H and CAN L is communicating, whether it's corrupted data or not we have not confirmed. We do not have initial codes as the car was brought to us from a VW dealer who could not code it, or they tried and failed as well.

      Any help would be highly appreciated.

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      Are you using a genuine DiCE unit, or a clone. Volvo announced that they won't allow clone DiCE units to download software. I've heard that isn't always true, but I have a friend who is a dealer mechanic, and he said the local factor rep said Volvo is really getting nasty about this. If you have a genuine DiCE, then you may have to go to a dealer.
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      You cannot download a CCM Upgrade to a new or used CCM before it is loaded into the specific vehicle by installing the CCM Reload software

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