Is this Normal Driveshaft Play?
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      Is this Normal Driveshaft Play?

      Ive been hearing some noise at certain speeds as of late on my 2008 xc90 v8 with 91k. Similar, but not as bad sound, if I recall, to my in-laws' 2007 3.2 that required a new shaft. Popped underneath today briefly to see if anything obvious was going on and there seems to be some play in the driveshaft. Not sure if this is normal. Also a metallic squeak in that play, coming from front, couldn't get a good view of what was going on up there but I didn't see anything obvious like grease getting slinged. Thoughts? YouTube vid below.

      Cheers, Tim

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      Seems ok to me. There's always a bit of slack between the angle gear backlash and the CVs. Front squeak could be the front DS CV going bad... It sounds very familiar to me. I can't place it right now.
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      That squeak to meet sounds like the carrier bearing (just above the center muffler). play seems normal though.
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