Steering fluid
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    Thread: Steering fluid

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      Steering fluid

      2013 S60. Power steering fluid low. I have no access to a dealership, but need to top fluid up. What is fully compatible that I can purchase in a parts store ? I will be near a dealership in 5 days, but need to top it up NOW.

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      From the manual: Power steering fluid WSS M2C204-A2 or equivalent product

      Not sure if that helps?

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      Where and why is it leaking? that's a pretty new car for leaks!

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      Believe Pentosin CHF11 will work. In CT it is sold in Auto Zone and Advanced.

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      It goes to the Dealer on Tuesday...under warranty. I just don't want to let it run low until then. Have no idea why it's's 20 degrees and ****ty out...too cold to crawl under.

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      Ours was low once. Not sure why. No leaks. Top up and monitor before making a trek to the dealer.
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      Mine was low and a leak was found. New steering rack under warranty. Level has been right in the succeeding years.

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      I recently drained and filled with Pentosin CHF202. In NH, O'Reilly has it but in some stores, they keep it out back and you need to ask for it.

      The CHF202, I believe, satisfies the "lifetime" requirement of the fluid if you buy into that.


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      You can use the prestone fluid. Use the one specified for European vehicles. No need for the expensive pentosin stuff. I only use pentosin for brake fluid because of its higher boiling point and DOT 4 certification.
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