2006 S60R Manual for Sale--107K Miles, Titanium Grey, Washington D.C.
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      2006 S60R Manual for Sale--107K Miles, Titanium Grey, Washington D.C.

      Hello everyone,

      With a heavy heart, I am looking to sell my 2006 S60R 6-spd manual transmission. I am the second owner, having purchased the car from the Don Beyer Volvo in Falls Chuch, VA in 2010. I just got a 2014 XC60R that I love so it is time to let the S60R go to a new loving home. Having had the car in DC for the past six years, it is in need of some suspension work. The rear shocks need to be replaced, but the car still drives nicely despite being a slightly more bumpy ride. It would be a great purchase for someone who is looking for a bit of a project. Otherwise, the car is in good condition. I replaced the clutch in 2015, and the timing belt and fuel pump were recently replaced. The car has had oil changes every 3500 miles and has been in the excellent care of Matt at Expert Volvo Repair (specialists in Silver Spring, MD) since I got it. I can provide maintenance records. The interior is in near perfect condition (other than some normal wear to the leather). The exterior has some minor scratches and nicks. The worst of it is a small crack on the passenger side of the rear bumper--visible in the picture. Also, minor scuffing on the wheels. Car has been recently detailed (interior and exterior) and is looking great.

      Photos can be viewed here: http://imgur.com/a/V1jy2

      The car and I are located in NE Washington D.C. I would be happy to meet up with any interested potential buyers to discuss. I am hoping to get $7.5K for the vehicle but am willing to negotiate.

      Please feel free to contact me at the email address below.

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      I thought I had the only R car in the District. GLwS.
      2006 VR M66 Silver/Nordkap, IPD Stage 1,

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      e-mail sent!
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      Car has been given a good home

      Will be posting an introduction thread as soon as she's back from the shop.

      Thread can be closed (don't think Dan will be logging back in, pretty sure he was just looking to sell the caR).

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