R Design 2015 vs 2016
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      R Design 2015 vs 2016

      What are the differences between these model years. As far as I can tell everything seems the same. Also how do I determine. 2015 vs 2015.5

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      Aren't the later model of the 2016 R-Designd 4 cylinder engines? With a Max of like 302 HP? (Just like the 2017)

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      Member Veefifty T5AWD's Avatar
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      I think the major difference in 2015 and 2015.5 was 19" Ixion II wheels and the Sensus. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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      Early 2016s still had 6 cyl, I have one.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Veefifty T5AWD View Post
      I think the major difference in 2015 and 2015.5 was 19" Ixion II wheels and the Sensus. Correct me if I'm wrong.
      Also had Bose (I think that was the brand) speakers in 2015.5

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      Junior Member ckmack's Avatar
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      15.5 will have your Volvo On Call and SOS buttons up near the dome lights. It will also add a power lumbar switch down by the other seat controls. That's usually how I tell the difference between the two
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      14 and 15 had R-Design stitching on front seats.
      15.5 ditched the stitching, has Sensus Connect with VOC, frameless rearview mirror, power lumbar.
      16 has first models as 3.0 T6, then midyear transitioned to Drive-E, without Polestar tune standard. 16 has 19" Ixion II standard. A short run of T5 FWD R-Design Special Edition was built at the beginning of 2016 MY.
      17 has revised wheels and Platinum equipment as only trim.

      Can't remember when Nubuck went away.
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