2007 V8 Transmission mid year change?
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      2007 V8 Transmission mid year change?

      Hi all.

      I have read a few times about a change in the transmission that happens after production number xxxxx sometime in 2007.

      Can someone tell me what the change was? What the production number was? And does the late transmission swap with the early and vice-verse?

      I have found a 2007 transmission, but need to know this info to see how it affects going into my 2006MY V8.


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      I'm replacing my 05-07 transmission with the 07+ transmission right now in xc90 v8. I couldn't get a clear answer to the differences if any. My hope is that really the only difference is the updated valve body. I'm still a few weeks out from completion. I was going to follow on my original thread when I do.

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